Cafe Breve is a new hang out created for the cyclists. The concept of Cafe Breve is European style and designed to cater to the local cycling community in town.

I first learned about this place on instagram and was impressed with the idea. Usman Bhadelia, a Triathlete is the owner of Cafe Breve and calls himself ‘One Cyclist in Bombay’ as he likes to ride solo in the evenings. His passion for cycling very much reflects on the Cafe interior.

Every rider needs to rejuvenate after burning calories post a long ride and the good part is that the Cafe opens early morning at 7 am to welcome the cycling groups and solo riders. The Cafe Menu serves a well balanced healthy meal which takes cares of the carbs and proteins required for a sportsman.

The Cafe sells a limited range of cycling jerseys and even has cycling books for visitors to read as they savour on the nutritious food. I tried salad with orange juice during my visit.

The owner is of the view that cycling is a social activity and from there emerged the thought of starting a Cafe dedicated for cyclists.

For a visitor, one of the most basic needs is ‘cycle parking’ which Cafe Breve addresses to with a cycle stand inside the premises. This unique offering not just serves the cyclists, but also encourages visitors to arrive on a bicycle instead of cars and motorbikes.

Establishing such a facility is a novel way of habit building and sustaining a walking and cycling culture which will help the cycling ecosystem to develop in the long run amongst the outgoing, educated, affluent class.

Another aspect is that the rentals and land cost is very expensive in a city like Mumbai, despite which the owner has gone ahead and allocated precious space for cycle parking which most definitely affects his returns on investment. So, it’s a bold decision!

Finally, I reckon its a welcoming move to have such an engaging place in the city where cyclists can spend quality time, share a laugh, have unlimited memories and lead a healthy lifestyle. Go visit if you haven’t still.

For the Cafe location on Google Map click here

Some photographs I clicked at Cafe Breve:

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


  1. Wow! I’m really impressed by the concept of bicycle parking inside. So often we are worrying about our bikes getting stolen while we enjoy our coffee. Great idea!

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