Adventurer and extreme athlete Jonas Deichmann, who set out from Munich in September 2020 to complete a 120-times Ironman around the world, has reached his destination in Munich after 429 days, where he received an enthusiastic welcome after successfully finishing the Triathlon.

Deichmann cycled across the Alps to Karlobag on the Croatian coast. From there he swam 450 kilometres along the Adriatic coast and reached Dubrovnik after 54 days in the water. In the process, he set a new record for the longest swim distance without an escort boat. From Dubrovnik, Deichmann cycled via Ukraine to Russia and crossed the country in the icy Siberian winter. After 17,000 kilometres on the bike, he reached Vladivostok on the Russian Pacific coast on 17 May, from where he crossed to the Mexican Pacific coast. From Tijuana, he ran 120 marathons across Mexico, reaching the finish line in Cancun after 117 days and 5060 kilometres. With his Forrest Gump-style run, Deichmann became a media star in Mexico and encouraged thousands of runners and cyclists to accompany him part of the way. Deichmann covered the last 4,000-kilometre stage from Lisbon to Munich on his bicycle again.

As with all his projects, Deichmann is travelling around the world in his triathlon without external support and carries all his own equipment and food. The entire distance of the triathlon around the world is equivalent to 120 Ironman distances. The Munich native already holds records for all three major continental crossings by bike: Eurasia from Portugal to Vladivostok in 64 days, the legendary Panamericana from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in 97 days and two years ago the route from the North Cape to Cape Town in 72 days – a whole month faster than the previous world record.

With his project, Deichmann wants to draw attention to climate change and is collecting donations for World Bicycle Relief and Oxfam.
There will be a documentary film and a book about his current project, Jonas Deichmann, “Das Limit bin nur ich”, which is already available in bookshops.

Cover image: Markus Weinberg

Source: Jonas Deichmann Adventures

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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