Will you be my Valentine? I asked. Yes! She promptly replied and off…we went for a ride with Velociti Cafe.

A Valentine is a sweetheart – a special someone who receives attention on Valentine’s Day. But for a cyclist, his /her bike is that special someone. A bicycle is ever-ready to give company, share love and joy. So practically, for a cyclist everyday is Valentine’s Day because he/she has the greatest gift ever – a bicycle. 

We all love our bicycles and share an inseparable bond of togetherness. We are a community who are passionate about cycling and who have shown immense faith and hope on a bicycle as an instrument of change and compassion. We are citizens of the Bicycle World. Our religion is peace, harmony and unity in diversity. We extend courtesy and respect to all our fellow cyclists. We express our emotions by covering many miles and speak the language of smiles.

A bicycle is patient, a bicycle is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is selfless. It doesn’t feel offended, it is calm. It does not teach us anything wrong, it promotes good health. It does not comply with evil but stands with the truth. Such is the prosperous nature of a bicycle.

Humanity and bicycles have been in a relationship for over 200 years. With the evolution and advancement of technology, the bicycle has kept pace in all spheres of life. The degree and manner of usage may differ, but it stands unanimously with mankind. A bicycle has been a silent tutor with each one of us benefiting from it in some form or the other. A bicycle is a constant giver – offering unlimited perks to its user. It has stood with us in the times of crises and has become a catalyst of change. The relationship of humanity with a bicycle is noble, precious and pure.

Marking a special Valentine’s Day occasion, a group of Mumbai Cyclists went for a Valentine’s Day Cycle Ride. This ride was organized by the bicycle mayor of Mumbai Ms. Firoza Suresh on the 13th of February, Sunday 2022. There were two start points – 1) Velociti Cycle Cafe and 2) Kalanagar Bus Stop. Cyclists of all levels participated in this ride with utmost enthusiasm. The ride was slow-paced and controlled by the bicycle marshals as we shared the road with morning traffic. The two groups connected at a common location at Linking Road -where they did a loop, and the ride culminated at the Velociti Cycle Cafe. We were served goodies and complimentary breakfast post the ride.

Illuminated branding with cycle chains suspended in the backdrop.

The Velociti Cycle Cafe is one of the few concept stores in the city which has a cycle shop and a cafe. Although the cycle shop was inaugurated last year, it was the cafe that launched today with city cyclists as guests of honor at the event. The Velociti Cycle shop sells all types of bicycles – MTBs, Road Bikes, Hybrids, and accessories that include gloves, lights, helmets, cycling merchandise etc. It caters to the beginners and mid-range riders with a variety of brands. Whereas the cafe is a Quick Service Restaurant format and serves a light and healthy menu. The cafe has an open-air seating with furniture made of bicycle parts. The overall ambience is inspired by the cycling theme and gives an instant connect to a customer with the category that it’s operating in. The moto of the cafe is ‘Ride, Refuel Rejuvenate’ and it is welcoming everyone for a quick bite post the ride from Mon-Sun.

The Valentine’s Day Cycle Ride was a morning filled with love and friendship. No matter where we go, no matter what we do, our relationship with a bicycle will always live forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Enjoy the photo gallery:

Cyclists holding placards of public awareness messages.
At Kalanagar start point.
A bunch of cyclists.
Inside Velociti Cycle Shop.
Me with a teddy of love.

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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