Greenobar is a juice bar in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat which has introduced a unique concept that lets you pedal to make your own juice. This sustainable idea is called ‘Pedal-Blend-Drink’ in which a customer is required to pedal for a few minutes and get to drink fresh juice of his/her choice as an outcome of their effort.

The idea of having a first of a kind sustainable juice bar came in the mind of the founders who are actively involved in selling organic and eco-friendly products through three sustainable stores in Ahmedabad and ecommerce portal (under the name farmseindia and greenobazaar ) that caters to Indian Health-conscious market.

Three friends came together – Yash Mehta, Rajkumar Jain and Rajan Patel and thought how they can promote active, healthy and fit lifestyle amongst people with a juice bar concept. ‘Post Covid we all realized one certainly needs to slow down and connect with nature and the best way is to get back to basics and engage in a daily active routine and fit diet. That’s how Greenobar started with ‘Pedal-Blend-Drink’ format.

“Greenobar happens to be a Zero Waste Juice bar with even straws being the palm leaf straws. The bicycle in near future will have many other features like calorie meter and many other gamifying concepts to make it fit for events whether social or corporates. Greenobar has already proven to be a fitness inspiring entertaining instrument along with blending juices for our dear clients. The t-shirts worn by our staffs are made of pet plastic bottles and the chair used is made of 3200 bottle caps. Wherever possible, we have been very thoughtful in staying true to our core value of lowest waste generation and focusing on a healthy, preservative free juicing concept” says Yash.

When one pedals the bicycle, the juicer connected to the bicycle blends the juice of one’s choice and they can merrily enjoy it in not in paper or plastic cups but in fruit skins or coconut shells. The waste generated is not dumped but fed to cattle. And then the citric waste is also used to create bio enzymes.

Yash Mehta says “The dump yards in metro cities have become a huge stinking mountains which are visible from 20 kms distance (eg pirana in Ahmedabad) and recycling it too is a big headache. It seemed to be the need of the hour to commercially overcome this and that too engaging, fun and inspiring way. We make sure what comes from nature goes back to nature.”

Since the inception in October 2021, greenobar has got almost 6000 followers on their social handles with more than 60 franchisee inquiries and have got commercial foot falls from all parts of the city at their Shyamal store location in Ahmedabad. The flagship outlet also helps to generate footfalls at the store which is again an organic, eco-friendly and healthy store.

“We have had experiences of doing birthday parties and few other events where people have enjoyed and to our surprise more than 30 people have also demanded to install these cycles at their farms or gym or houses too.” adds Yash.

More importantly, each minute of cycling saves 9 gms of CO2 emissions as per research and ends up burning minimum 10 calories. The founders at greenobar soon plans to reward green coins to people for their effort; with help of this data and also for people coming to the bar via cycling or walking to encourage a completely sustainable experience.

The founders wish to scale this up all India and revolutionize the healthy eating and beverage industry by serving juices, soups, and salad with fun element that also inspires to remain fit.

Photo credits: Greenobar


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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


  1. This is a great initiative. We should have more of these greenobars all over India. It serves two goals – weight loss and healthy eating/drinking.

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