On 5th December 2021, Ecowheelers – a bicycle shop in South Mumbai in association with Cuddles Foundation organized a guided heritage ride. Over 50 cyclists turned-up with their bicycles on a chilly-winter morning.

Men and women, young and aged all came for this ride to enjoy the heritage sites of old Bombay (now Mumbai). The ride was flagged-off at 7 am from Ecowheelers and the group moved towards Flora Fountain, did a loop near Asiatic Library and then took a halt at Gateway-Taj for a fun-filled interactive session.

After a brief photography spell, all the riders returned back to Ecowheelers store for the breakfast arranged by the organizers.

The aim of this ride was to collect funds and the proceeds of which will go to Cuddles Foundation which is involved in community service. The collaboration aims to raise awareness about good health through cycling, and good nutrition for kids fighting Cancer. Cuddles Foundation will provide free meals to kids battling cancer through this charity.

Speaking on this occasion Mr. Shoeb Shakir the owner of Ecowheelers said “At Ecowheelers we thrive on the belief – where there is a wheel there is way and there are no boundaries to it. With the motive of providing the right nutrition to Cancer suffering kids, Ecowheelers has associated with Cuddles Foundation to spread awareness about the same, to which kids can fight Cancer and fulfill their aspirations and build their own identities”.

India is home to about 20% of all childhood Cancer cases in the world. According to WHO figures, 75000 kids get cancer in India every year. As per WHO, non-communicable diseases in India account for over half all deaths in children 5-14 years of age, and reducing this mortality further needs a set of measures, including effective treatment of childhood Cancer.

In this cause to assist kids fight Cancer, ‘The Whole Truth Foods’ also joined in with open arms as the Nutrition Partner adding the cherry to the cake.

This was my last ride of the year as I will be undergoing a surgery on the coming weekend for my left ear to cure a condition called as ‘Cholesteatoma’ (an abnormal skin growth or skin cyst trapped behind the eardrum). I am glad that I could participate in this ride with Ecowheelers and make a small contribution to this noble cause. I will be missing the annual Christmas cycle ride in particular and the pleasant weather conditions at the peak of cycling season in Mumbai. I am positively looking forward to be a part of more cycling events and do leisure cycling in 2022. Have a happy festive season and wish you all a good health.

Few photographs taken a the event:


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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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