Today morning I read a sad news of a runner being killed by a speeding car at Worli in Mumbai. This is not the first time that someone doing a fitness activity has lost his/her life in an car accident. It has become dangerous to go cycling and running even in the early morning hours. Drunken driving is prevalent in urban cities which is a matter of great concern.

Like many others, I am equally terrified after this incident and post seeing the pictures of the accident, I couldn’t eat nor sleep peacefully. Today it was her, tomorrow it can be anyone else, when will this stop? Why can’t we reduce and regulate car speeds? Why don’t the authorities declare every Sunday a car-free day so that people get outdoors and are safe? Why are we so excited about building a car-centric infrastructure? Why don’t we promote public transport and encourage non-motorized transport? It’s high time the politicians and the respective authorities make our cities safer for people to walk, run and cycle.

This incident compelled me to write this blog and highlight why cycling in Mumbai can be risky due to a variety of factors some of which are:

Heavy Traffic:

Mumbai is known for its heavy traffic, especially during rush hour. Cyclists may find it difficult to navigate through the crowded streets and compete with larger vehicles for space on the road. Even during early morning hours car drivers don’t slow down and the possibilities of collisions are high.

Poor Infrastructure:

The city’s cycling infrastructure is not well developed, with few painted bicycle lanes or paths here and there. Cyclists often have to share the road with other vehicles, which increases the risk of accidents. Moreover, the ongoing large scale infrastructure projects like coastal routes and Mumbai metro has made it even more hazardous to get outdoors.

Road Conditions:

The roads in Mumbai are mostly in poor condition, with potholes, uneven surfaces, gravel, paver blocks, heavy machinery, and other hazards that can make running and cycling more challenging and dangerous. Further, there are streets with inadequate lighting that makes it difficult to see during early morning and post sunset.

Lack of Awareness:

Many drivers in Mumbai are not accustomed to sharing the road with cyclists, and may not be aware of the proper safety precautions to take around cyclists. Several times, they take cyclists very lightly and try to corner them putting them in a dangerous situation.

Air Pollution:

Mumbai’s air pollution levels have gone high, which can pose health risks to cyclists and runners who are exposed to the polluted air for extended periods. This may sound as a slow risk but it still matters. In a recent survey Mumbai has featured in the list of top most polluted cities and the air quality is very poor.

How can we take precautions?

  • Whether cycling or running, try to be in groups
  • Wear adequate reflective gear
  • Use flash lights
  • Wear safety equipment such as a helmet
  • Carry an identity card with emergency contact information
  • Any other measure that you feel will keep you safe

That’s all I have to say, stay safe it’s a cruel world!

Cover image is for representative purpose: Ian Valerio/Unspalsh

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


  1. I totally agree with you, Vijay! The road conditions coupled with closer than comfortable passes by vehicles has compelled me to avoid cycling since the last year or so

  2. Very well written and I hope every Mumbaikar reads this. Although I would like to make one correction here, Vijay. “The city’s cycling infrastructure is not only not well developed, but non-existent.” Many motorists think that riding a cycle is easy and a fall won’t hurt much. They’re clearly delusional. Regarding the roads, there is no hope of it getting fixed anytime soon.

  3. True Vijay, you have highlighted the problems which are indeed faced by cyclists and walkers.

    But your point regarding road conditions….it is actually good for the cyclists, reason being…4 wheelers and 2 wheeler motor bike riders slow down their pace and become cautious, which actually benefits the cyclists

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