Everymonth I intend to bring a spotlight on one cyclist from around the world. I will introduce him/her briefly by talking about their major accomplishments and do a rapid fire question and answer segment.

This month I am covering Mayur Jain, a midlife cyclist from Mumbai. He is an author of a self-help book ‘HI FIVE!’ published worldwide in the year 2020 and available online on and other portals. The book helps the reader to list down life goals and draw a route map on how to reach there. I have read the book and it has personally helped me to clearly envision my future plans. Hence, I strongly recommend it to all the readers of this blog. Moreover, all sales proceeds from the book goes to charity.

Mayur Jain is also an entrepreneur, a motivational and transformational coach and helps people in finding their true passion and lead a fulfilling life. He has been cycling for the last 10 years and has been involved in various public awareness campaigns like Road Safety, Wear a Helmet, Girls Education etc. He actively participates in the cycling events in the city and is often there to help new and budding riders. He is a go-getter, likes to travel and loves to be around in the company of like minded people. He likes to go on road trips and has a keen eye for ‘Shooting’ as a sport.

When not cycling, Mayur is involved in his business and busy with his counselling and coaching projects. He speaks on topics such as Relationship and Love, Financial Freedom, Overcoming Depression and bringing Happiness, Life Coaching and Career Counselling to young students.

Currently, he is penning down his second book ‘RISE BEYOND’ which will focus on finding your inner gold and act as a guide to work towards your passion and realize one’s dream.

Rapid fire segment with Mayur Jain:

Which bicycle do you currently use?

I am using full carbon JAVA VESUVIO disc with Shimano 105 R 7000 series

Which cycling group do you ride with?

I mostly ride with SOBO( South Bombay cyclist group) and for my mid night rides it’s mostly solo.

One place/route you regularly ride?

I usually ride from Lower Parel to Hajiali to Nariman Point and back to Lower parel. The quality of roads are better as compared to other routes. Also the traffic is lesser in the mornings or in the mid nights as most of the place is commercial occupant.

Your longest ride?

The longest ride I did was from Lower Parel to Nariman point to Miraroad to Uttan and back to Lower parel. The total distance counted came to 135 kms. It was a beautiful experience as it was a planned day and the first day of the year ( 1st january 2022). The learning from the ride was to always carry supplements, bananas and water with some electrolytes. Usually on an average I do a medium pace 30-35 km ride.

Who inspires you in the cycling industry?

The budding cyclist whom I see, the people who are working on a cycle ( newspaper vendor or vegetable vendors) , the pro cyclist (Sunday mostly) and yes the affection towards the sport always inspires me to be in the cycling industry. There is promising growth not only in the users, but also from the manufacturers for the amazing machines they make.

Who’s your best cycling buddy?

Cyclist needs discipline and discipline in any matter needs habit formed dedication. My best buddies are Vijay Malhotra himself (A down to earth person, who is always keen to think out of the box and always willing to spread positive inspiration to promote cycling as a culture. Incase if you see the stats, he is also one of the reasons why there is growth in user voting for cycling as a sport or hobby – from reading blogs to all those awesome photoshoots). Second is Ravi Agarwal, the most famous and senior cyclist (His way of approaching cycling as a sport is unique, his outbound nature to make friends with everyone and his discipline related to his dress-up is eye catching).

Casual or Lycra, what type of clothing do you prefer?

I always prefer a Lycra skin wrapped jersey with two or three pockets at the back. In case of the shorts, it should be gel padded Bib shorts. Love to show a pristine impression towards the sport!

Which was your 1st bicycle?

I remember the first cycle was a 5 gear cycle from hercules back in the days of 1999. It was the cycle as a gift to me when I had won medals in the running race for 100 meters, relay and long jump. I was privileged to own such a beauty, as in those days gear cycles were used to be a style statement and were super fast. I used to ride it to my school.

Your favorite cycling quote?

Every day is a beautiful day when you cycle. In this life cycle – meet friends, create memories and enjoy health; should always be the motive.

I’m not as talented as others, but I have a determination and will that enable me to work a lot harder than anyone else. – Mark Cavendish, a pro cyclist and a winner with a great mindset.

One change you would like to see for cyclists?

Cycling is not just a hobby, it’s a personal set of goals which we keep in mind to achieve them daily. It’s important to build up confidence, to strengthen body language and to be mentally strong. Cycling helps you to shape your external and internal environment. It provides recognition despite any age, gender or cycle type. It’s a sport which defines the person. when you call yourself a cyclist, that time you are a sport!

The changes I would love to see for cyclists are –

  • Take it as a sport of pride and discipline. Belong to the purity of the motion. Allow into knowing the game, meaning to be more responsible off road and on road.
  • Never crib or complain about the roads or infrastructure we use. We should be very thankful for the facility we have. It’s never about the bike, it’s always about the rider. Spread positivity.
  • Greet everyone on the cycle with a sense of respect. It can be any one from a pro cyclist with all the fancy gear to a local vendor who survives using a cycle.
  • Try promoting cycling as a sport to reach Olympics. India still has a vacant spot. Out of 135 + crore population, we require just a few to show up the zeal and break this chain.

Photo credits: Mayur Jain

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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