Group cycling brings people together and erases socio-economic disparities. It gives a platform to engage with like-minded people. It allows beginners to gain from their experienced counterparts. There are numerous benefits of Group Cycling of which I am highlighting five of those in this blog post.

Wake up early:

Starting your day early is a great habit! You get the time to plan your day and achieve your goals. Early morning cycling gives the body a fresh start and you feel energized. Being Outdoors means you get the sun exposure which supplements vitamin D, a vital nutrient for our body. However, if you miss the morning alarm, your friend is always there to wake you up.

Safety in numbers:

Most cities around the world do not have a dedicated cycling infrastructure. Hence, we end up sharing the road with motorized vehicles. Every car driver may not be courteous enough to give way to a cyclist but if we are in numbers, he/she has no choice but to slow down and stop. Therefore, in a subtle way the cycling group can claim right of space, exercise authority and be safe when they are in large numbers.

Share a moment:

Riding with friends opens up the opportunity of sharing a light moment with your colleagues. Laughter is the best medicine, so when you share a moment of laughter with friends it lifts the mood and releases good hormones in the body. A Smile helps you go further many a miles.

Learn something new:

Group Cycling gives the advantage to talk to as many people around. One can pick up a conversation about a topic and exchange knowledge. For instance, I like to know about different bikes and often borrow and test ride a few when out on a group ride. On another instance, in case of a puncture, an experienced cyclists around can be of good help to the needy. To sum up, it all depends on how we exploit the situation and learn from it – sky is the limit.


The word team stands for ‘together everyone achieves more’. The goal becomes easier when pursued together. When you have a task of achieving a particular distance, riders can help each other maintain a certain pace and move with momentum. Riders can motivate each other to do their best and deliver a trailblazing performance. And finally, at the end of the ride, the stats update on your Strava profile will pump you up and you will be proud of what you could achieve and earn kudos from your team mates.

Living by the spirit of Group Cycling, Giant Bicycles India is organizing rides on every weekend between Feb to April 2022. These rides will be conducted across multiple cities. Cyclists can participate by joining the Giant Riding Club (GRC) on Strava app and join the action.

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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