It’s time to say goodbye to my city hybrid bike after four long years of joyful rides. I have had many amazing memories riding this bike. This was my first bike bought in adult life in 2018 and now being sold in 2022 to a dear friend of mine.

This was more than a bike to me – a companion in loneliness, a de-stress machine, and an answer to many curiosities. We have been like a celebrity couple posing with hunger for the cycling paparazzi. I have actively posted about it on social media – almost every ride.

I remember cycling to the beach for the first time, attending my first critical mass event, and cycling to office every Friday’s. It all bought a new perspective in life. I became a city explorer and tried new routes and destinations every time. I felt socially more accepted and became part of the cycling community and joined local cycling clubs. I did my first 50 Kms and then a 100 Kms ride on this bike. It has helped me to stay healthy both mentally and physically. The longest distance I have rode with it is 126 Kms on 26th January 2021.

With this city hybrid bike, I became a blogger and started dwelling on the subject of cycling in a greater detail. As I went about exploring cities heritage and participated in community rides, the bike has been a part of it all. I realized the need to connect with the broader community and started tweeting about my cycling activities and posted articles on twitter. From there I came across several international groups which are working hard to promote cycling. Receiving latest updates about cycling on one’s timeline is a treat for any cycling lover. I also learnt about books and documentaries on cycling through twitter. Reading some of the tweets, pictures and videos is sometimes fun, educative, informative and sometimes recreational.

I like to connect with new cyclists and know about their cycling stories. I have covered some of those stories on my blog. While some stories have been published on my instagram page. I remember publishing more than 50 short stories of women cyclists around the world to celebrate international women’s day 2021. Now, I regularly follow athletes and engage with their post. The friendships and connections I have made with people is inseparable and of paramount importance.

All of this and much more could not have been possible without my firefox city hybrid bike. I am glad that I got into cycling and have gained so much. Cycling has made me a wiser person, a thinker and taught me to appreciate small-little things in life. Like they say, “Every beginning has an end”. It was time to find a new partner which I did recently by getting a brompton but I will never forget about my first bike. I have had an emotional relationship with it and satisfied with all the good time it provided me in this tenure. More, importantly it has found a new owner and I am sure he will enjoy his companionship in the same way or benefit even more than what I could.


Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2022 with great health, peace and success.

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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    1. Hi Helen, I have added one more classic vintage bike to my collection and will be using it on rotation basis.

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