Spare your car and pedal a little far,

The roads are meant for you, ride when the skies are blue,

Experience the subtle nuances of nature; leave aside the toxic vapor,

There is music in the chain rings and there is melody in natures arm,

Just ring the bell and ride through the farm,

Sing along with the parakeets and swan,

Ride in tandem with a pal or ride in groups in odd hours,

Ride under the moonlight with the shining stars,

Ride for the selfless troops guarding the frontiers,

Ride for the healthcare warriors and frontline workers,

Ride for equality and justice for poor,

Ride for the good health and a happy heart,

The trails are calling; birds are following,

Great things happen … as nature keeps her eyes on you,

Trust the child within … a bicycle won’t disappoint!

This poem is selected as one of the Top 3 entries for the World Bicycle Day 2021 online contest organized by Raahgiri Foundation

Raahgiri Foundation is hosting a webinar ‘My Cycling Story’ on Saturday, 3rd July – 18:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs IST. The discussion will be about everyday cycling experiences, streets for all, public spaces and road safety.

Register for the webinar here My Cycling Story

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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