Vasai is a small town located about 50kms away from Mumbai city. Vasai is known for its beaches, fort, temples, and cycling trails.

On 15th August 2023, I celebrated 76th Independence Day of India by going for a bike ride in Vasai. I booked a guided group tour with ‘Chalo Chale’ (Let’s Go), a local Travel and Tours Company based in Vasai. The tour included a rental bicycle, tea and breakfast at a cost of Rs. 799/-.

Chalo Chale is owned and operated by a young couple Rohit and Ayushi. They are friendly, interactive, and energetic couple. I was one of the 10 participants in the group and never felt left out.

The tour started with an introduction followed by distribution of complementary energy bars. We peddled from the start point which was K Movie Star Theatre and moved inside the village route. After entering the village, we stopped for a Tea break next to a lake and took photos. Ayushi carried a thrash bag to collect the teacups as a measure to promote responsible tourism. The locals are against the idea of developing tall buildings in the village and want to protect the natural habitat. Therefore, using bicycles to move around in the village is one of the sustainable ways of preserving the calmness of the village.

The trail is mostly unpaved with gravel and MTB bikes works best. The weather was just perfect for the ride with moist air kissing the face. The view was serene with green and marshy lands on both sides of the road. We peddled through the smaller streets of the village and reached Rangaon beach. There are several Bungalows enroute. The villagers are mostly Portuguese descendants and follow Christianity. Which is why you will observe many Cross signs erected on the streets.

We arrived at the Rangaon beach and parked our bikes. The positive energy of the clean and almost empty beach, except for friendly dogs was the freedom that I was longing for. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, biking in the outskirts is a great idea. We munched on locally cooked breakfast with dogs joining us to share the food. After a few conversations we played games reminding us of our childhood. The fun times and bonding as a group despite meeting each other for the first time dissolved all the stress and filled our souls with happiness.

By noon it was time to wrap up the fantastic ride and we returned to the start point. I had a good time cycling in Vasai and recommend Chalo Chale tour company to all the readers of this blog. Start-ups like these should be supported and promoted as much as possible. It helps in leading a sustainable lifestyle and fulfills short travel goals. Rohit and Ayushi delivered good hospitality to every guest. I want to thank everyone whom I met on the ride for the wonderful company and great memories. Bye for now until my next visit to Vasai.

Chalo Chale is on Instagram @Chalo._Chale
For bookings, you can contact Rohit +91 8446345340.

Enjoy the photo album:

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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