Mumbai International Byke Fair is a 3-day long B2B and B2C cycling exhibition scheduled to be held between 18th-20th November 2022 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon East, Mumbai.

The cycling expo will be packed with latest products on display, speaker sessions, workshops, fun and entertainment etc. for the participants. The event in its introductory year is co-organised by Urban World Consulting Group and VIS Group.

Let us look at five reasons why you must attend the Mumbai International Byke Fair and how you can benefit –

Best of cycling under one roof:

MIBF will be a host to the best of Indian and International cycling brands exhibiting their latest bicycles and related products. As a visitor, you will get a chance to know about a variety of bike models, technology trends and accessories. You can avail expert guidance to choose the right bike, test ride it, or probably upgrade to a new one if you are already an accomplished rider. The exhibition will showcase a range of bikes for men and women, designed for different purposes such as road cycling, off-roading, electric bikes for commutes, cargo bikes and city bikes for leisure and recreational use. So, there is no shortage of options, pick what you like.

Expand your network:

The event will host a lot of dignitaries from the cycling industry such as manufacturers and suppliers, distributors and retailers, urban planners, municipal authorities, health and fitness experts, media and PR professionals, NGOs and influencers. If you are a young entrepreneur looking to start a cycling business, then this will be the right platform for you to engage with potential partners and form alliances. You will get an opportunity to have a direct conversation with the exhibitors and discuss a wide range of ideas for a start-up. Just carry your visiting card and share your credentials with as many people you want and use this occasion to your advantage.

Knowledge and Entertainment:

The event will be bundled with multiple speaker sessions in which national and international experts will deliver a talk on focused subjects. Some of these speakers carry decades of experience in designing a cycling city and have built a core understanding in their area of function. As an audience, you will be updated with successful case studies, and the recent developments in the cycling space. The interactive sessions will allow you to ask questions and even meet the professionals on the sidelines and take the discussion to the next level.

MIBF will have young talent from the biking community such as BMX riders who will demonstrate their skills and do breath-taking stunts on the open arena. It will be an adrenaline rush to watch the BMX riders perform to their fullest and raise the bar.

For entertainment, you will be introduced to a vintage bicycle show which will take you down memory lane. The vintage bikes carry a legacy of the past and some of the masterpieces will create brand nostalgia. A collector’s choice, the vintage bikes speak a story of the bygone era and the evolution of the bicycles with advancement of technology will be a reason to celebrate the success of the 200-year -old machine serving humankind as a sport and as a transport.

And there will book stalls to cater to the reading community, students, researchers, traders and other professionals. Browse through the limited collection of books and carry back home the ones you like to read and add to your personal library.

Start a healthy lifestyle:

If you are the one who is stuck in a sluggish lifestyle and wanting to transform your daily routine, then MIBF is a gateway to switch to an active lifestyle for you. Get inspired by the fitness buffs and remodel your fitness journey. All you have to do is purchase the right bicycle to match your exercise goals and start building your endurance by cycling regularly. It doesn’t matter if you were lazy in the past and unhappy with your current physical form, you can still start on a fresh note and get going. After all, fitness is a journey and not a destination, so pedal to a good mental and physical health.

Launch your business:

The 3-day expo will attract thousands of visitors from diverse interest groups. If you are into cycling business such as operating a bike shop, managing a bike servicing station, selling bicycle merchandise, own a bicycle cafe, have designed a fitness app, or running an online store, or anything related to cycling, then MIBF will help you reach the right target audience. The exhibition will include visitors from the cycling community such as the local cycling clubs, bicycle advocates, and content creators who are an active bunch of cyclists. They play an important role in influencing the potential buyers and can help you spread a word around about your business and recommend your brand to more people. It will be a great idea to launch your business at the MIBF expo and get organic PR coverage and increase your brand presence to a wider audience.

The wait is over! Mark the dates of the MIBF (18th-20th November 2022) in your Google Calendar and start planning for it from now.

You can reach out to the MIBF team for partnership opportunities and for booking a stall space at the below mentioned contacts.

Mobile: +91 99237 62224


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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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