In a bid to incentivize and nudge cycling culture in cities in India, Ahmedabad based startup Cycling Cities launched Crooze app for cyclists. The app rewards cyclists for every ride they clock on the app. The cyclists earn Crooze coins for staying fit – at the same time reduce carbon emissions.

Crooze works on a 4R model-Ride, Record, Redeem and Reward. The tech-enabled platform is for cyclists, by cyclists and of cyclists. The app gamifies the experience of cycling for fitness enthusiasts and cycle commuters.

Speaking about the app, Nikita Lalwani, founder of Crooze app, said, “Crooze aims to accelerate cycling by rewarding every kilometer of ride and nurturing cycling ecosystem. It rewards people in the form of Crooze Coins for saving carbon and staying fit with which they can claim various rewards. Crooze app is 1st of its kind Make in India tech based environment focused solution bringing all stakeholders on a single platform. The Crooze app android and iOS versions are launched and available for download on google play store.”

Within few months of its launch, the Crooze app has already recorded 21000+ users from across India and 1000 + cities with 18 Mn Kms of distance recorded and 2500 tons of carbon emissions saved.

Every share and recommendation of the Crooze app fetches additional coins – and on completing certain number of coins, one can exchange it in return of merchandise.

The rewards on the app ranges from cycling, sports and fitness brands, healthy foods, cafes, beauty and wellness, healthcare, among others.

Last year, 22 million cycles were sold in India of which more than 30 per cent are urban cyclists. The demand for cycling in COVID-19 has grown manifold with increasing awareness of health and fitness due to the pandemic.

On benefits for cyclists, Lalwani said, “Cyclists will be able to see all the cycling rides, monitor the carbon saved, gamify your cycling experience get rewarded for all the cycling in the form of products and services fulfilling their various needs, be the part of local and national cycling communities, compete on leaderboards and explore local cycling events, shops, news, etc. among others”

Brands are also getting health conscious and finding different ways to reach their audience and it will be a good platform for them to find their niche.

Talking about the future of the platform, the Crooze team said that the app plans to add walking also for rewards on this platform and requests from city governments to have one common platform for NMT (Non-Motorized Transport) is already under discussion.

In their research, the Crooze app team has found three major problem areas –

  1. 8 out of 10 people stop using the bicycle after the first month of purchase.
  2. Fitness Brands are looking for active engagement with customers.
  3. The government is struggling to address traffic congestion, poor air quality, and deteriorating public health and cycling and walking are very big antidote to that.

And to address these, the team suggests “We have looked into it far deeply and scientific behavior engagement is a proven model from the cycling Nation ‘The Netherlands’, where Cycling is made possible with access to cycling equipment, cycling skills, safe infrastructure, and the social environment to cycle.”

“The motivation to cycle comes from creating a positive image around cycling, creating cultural influence and making it a habit other than providing alternatives and conducive environment to cycle.”

“And we are doing it all with the help of this app by motivating people with incentives, rewards, and recognition and making it mainstream together with aggregating information about the rest.”

In its latest initiative, the Crooze app team has announced a virtual cycling event called as ‘Crooze Indian Pedaling League’ from May 14th to June 5th 2022, on the lines of the famous cricketing format ‘The Indian premier League’. Complete details of the event can be found by clicking here.

Download the Crooze app from Google play store by clicking here.

Source and Image credits: Crooze app

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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