How It All Started

My Story

It all began in the summer of 2018 after I bought a new bicycle for myself. I had little realization on how this simple machine is about to bring a massive change in me. With every ride I felt a sense of freedom. Freedom to move & to be outdoors. Connect with people & establish new relationships across age group, culture & mindsets. And as the wheels moved around more often, it unlocked several barriers – transforming my thinking.A cautious experiment of ‘Pedal to Work’ became a confident affair. I received appreciation from my family, friends & social circle. Being labelled as a smart commuter, i started promoting cycling through my blogs, social media & casual discussions.


Bicycle, an old-time transit system has lot of relevance in modern cities. It is a simple answer to many complex problems. Cycling reduces burden on environment & provides greater health benefits. It is a more economical option for commuting & even offers opportunity for social engagement.

To inspire & involve more people to adopt cycling in their daily lifestyles is my goal.

Come join me.

Let’s pedal together & make cycling a way of life.