‘Away’ is the 2nd book by the author Dhruv Bogra. The first one was the best seller ‘Grit, Gravel and Gear’ in which he described his pan American journey from the Arctic to the Andes spanning 400 days and 18000 kms solo trip on a bicycle.

‘Away’ comprises seven engaging stories of bike packing trips undertaken by Dhruv Bogra in the Himalayas mountains, some solo and some in company of his cycling friends.

It captures the most challenging solo journeys which only the brave-hearts can imagine to pursue. Warning: this book is highly contagious and capable of changing your mindset forever.

Dhruv has narrated the tough, but fulfilling time of his life he had in the wilderness of the mountains. The book is a catalyst of change and will transform anyone who reads it into a cyclist.

Those who like to undertake road trips will fall in love with this book. ‘Away’ is a road to discovery of inner self through the outdoors.

Titled ‘Away’, this book takes you far away deep inside into the remotest part of the Himalayas. Dhruv managed to complete all his planned solo trips without support, but with intense preparation and advanced planning. It captures amazing set of photographs as a bonus, and bike packing tips with ‘essentials to carry’ for the those who are planning to undertake bicycle tours.

 In the depth of this book, lies pure freedom. As a reader, I am completely spellbound by Dhruv’s expeditions. Although, I am contented to read about such journeys as it transports me to a different world; I would never undertake such bicycle tours myself. 

After reading this book, if you were ever asked to choose between the ‘mountains’ and the ‘beaches’, you would go for the hills.

Inspired by the book ‘Away’, I wrote this poem on Mountains for you.

Mountains are places where one attains liberty.
Mountains are huge forces of energy.
Mountains are a reassurance that nature is mighty.
Mountains are a promise that humanity is blessed in its habitat.
Mountains are hard to climb, but gentle once conquered.
Mountains are caring and protective.
Mountains are isolated yet engaging.
Mountains are blue, brown, green, black & often project shades of rainbow.
Mountains are friends with winds, snow, clouds, birds, flora & fauna.
Mountains are a destination for meditation.
Mountains are a warehouse of peace & tranquility.
Mountains are layers of rock, and covered with a white carpet of snow.
Mountains are the seasons of love & romance.
Mountains are splendid & beyond.

‘Away’ is available online for purchase, buy a copy now.

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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