A story of two characters ‘Miracle’ and ‘Move’, ‘Yuluing away to glory in the urban streets of India.

The therapeutic duo has set out to liberate citizens from a mindset of convenience and callousness. And from human actions that is causing climate change.

‘A small degree of shift in daily habits can heal the planet’ recommends Yulu’s prognosis.

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‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’. Do you recall this successful title released in 1989 by the Walt Disney Franchise?

The protagonist who plays an inventor in the comical science fiction unknowingly shrink’s his own and his neighbor’s children. Plenty of drama unfolds before the children could return home after negotiating hazards, and finally they are brought back to normal.

Now, imagine if you could replace ‘Children’ in the story with ‘Cars’ and had an option of not reversing your action. A Paradox! Yet one can think about substitution.

The 1st Prime Minister of Independent India, Jawaharlal Nehru once said …

“The only alternative to CO-EXISTENCE is CO-DESTRUCTION”.

India’s transport problems demands unconventional remedies, where ‘Size does Matter’ – the idea of compact mobility for compact roads is an off-beat solution. No wonder why the automobile companies are prompted to produce compact Sedans and SUV’s. SMALL IS BETTER.

The Indian auto industry has the backing by the Union Transport Ministry with tax benefits and incentives being offered for research and manufacturing of electric vehicles.

In principle, will electric vehicles resolve congestion crises? Bingo, if your answer in No.

Replacing fuel driven cars with electric engines will mitigate fuel dependency but space limitation will still prevail.

On the flip side, the ‘Yulu Model’ brings a radical way out with its alternative choices, where commuters can chose to destroy old preferences and click on the new ones. In hindsight, the situation can pan out better with Yulu addressing practical solutions to challenges of space, environment, cost and health. SMALL IS EFFICIENT.

Yulu is supporting the Cycles 4 Change campaign by Smart Cities Mission and working with various state authorities to make Indian cities cycle friendly.

A bird’s eye view of the Bangalore based non-conformist startup, ‘Yulu.

The Plot:

Founded in 2017, Yulu is leading the micro-mobility sector with operations across 7 major Indian cities – Bangalore, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Bhubaneswar. The company is striving to make urban commute convenient and eco-friendly. Their goal is to curtail traffic congestion and pollution in Indian cities with its shared, affordable and sustainable mobility.


The journey of Yulu is scripted and spearheaded by four seasoned corporate professionals turned entrepreneurs.

  • Amit Gupta, Chief Executive Officer
  • R.K Misra, President Ecosystem Partnerships
  • Naveen Dachuri, Chief Technology Officer
  • Hemant Gupta, Chief of Operations
Left to Right: Amit Gupta, R.K Misra, Naveen Dachuri and Hemant Gupta with Yulu Miracle in the background and Move in the front.

And lead by a bunch of super talented team committed to Yulu’s vision.

A young and vibrant Yulu team.


The startup is backed by leading investors such as Bajaj Auto and Silicon Valley-based VC Rocketship.

Yulu’s philosophy of teamwork has enabled the company strike innovative breakthroughs such as ‘parking infrastructure’ by collaborating with government, corporates and citizens.

During COVID-19 lockdown, Yulu played its part by partnering with e-commerce and hyper-local businesses to ensure uninterrupted delivery of essential supplies. SMALL IS EFFECTIVE.

Main Villain:

Traffic and Pollution

Lead Actors:

Yulu Miracle:

A smart dockless mini electric scooter powered by IOT technology. The vehicle is unisex, lightweight and easy to operate with max speed of 25 km/h. It has the power and muscles to drive you through those jammed streets in quick time with style and comfort. Proceed for a business appointment or a casual meet with this urban transit at will. Seat’s one at a time, mixes with the crowd but strikingly visible. No license needed.

Yulu Move:

More than a standard bicycle powered by GPS and bluetooth technology with app controlled unlocking and locking system. This gender neutral bicycle can be used for commuting, fitness, shopping and fun. Out and about, the little Move sings aloud with a rotation bell on the handle bar. Hum your favorite lyrics and make your journey beautiful. Yulu Move is friendly, faithful and uncomplicated.

Nivruti Rai, Country Head, Intel India – at the launch of Yulu services in corporate campus.


Yulu has come a long way. Some quick stats – 2.5 million users, 2500 Yulu zones, 18000 vehicles, making Yulu India’s largest EV led micro-mobility platform.

The brand is creating real impact by delivering on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030. So far, Yulu has managed to reduce 2.3 million kgs of carbon emissions, recorded 27 million kilometers of travel distance, burnt 4 million calories and above all played a direct role in minimizing traffic. SMALL IS THE BEST.


  • Emerging startup of the year by Entrepreneur India
  • Coolest start-up of the Year by Business Today.
  • Most Innovative Startup by Inc42
  • Cypher – Great Learning Data Science Awards 2019 for AI implementation in mobility
  • Business Connect – Start-Up of the Year 2019
  • Recognized as the most disruptive Start up of 2019
  • Techtors – Business World Most disruptive Start Up 2020
  • Aegis Graham Bell Awards 2020 – Innovation in Transportation Tech – powered by Niti Ayog

Box Office Reviews:

“Yulu Miracle is a great concept and I enjoyed using it” – Ethan Fernandez.

“I have tried it in Pune a couple of years back and was so thrilled the facility exists and that too at a very reasonable price. Since then, I was waiting when they would start in Mumbai. Now that they have, it would benefit many citizens” – Vanessa Menezes.

“Weekend early morning cycling on Yulu with friends for 25+ kms was such a joy. What a day to start off!!! Waiting for those days again” – Sunil Kini.

“Office commute has become easy with Yulu bike” – Harshal Gupta.

#MoCycle the way we move in Bhubaneswar” – Devasis Sarangi.

While economic activities have resumed, commuting challenges have also increased in the unlocking phase. Amidst the on-going pandemic and social distancing norms, Yulu stands out as a strong alternative for safe and solo traveling.

In future, the co-existence of Yulu with public transport shall make it a viable model to achieve last mile connectivity across cities in India. Yulu plans to expand its fleet to 100k EVs by end of 2021, and make Yulu services available in all Tier 1 and Smart cities. And intend to go global through strategic partnerships in the future.

As Yulu advances ahead to strengthen it’s presence nationwide, the ultimate success leans on citizen participation.

Small and easy task for you.

Now is the best time to shrink your inhibitions. To make Yulu a blockbuster title, I mean your personal transport – download the Yulu app and book your travel: Ride The Change

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Photo credits: Yulu

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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