4th August is the first anniversary of Pedal And Tring Tring Blog and on this special occasion I wrote a poem for the readers. 


Tring Tring rings the bicycle bell,
And if it doesn’t ring who cares,
You are on my way it tries to tell,
A safety alarm it graciously declares.

Birds for trees and trees for birds,
Among the rhythmic crowds,
Bustling streets with noises unheard,
Who cares when a tiny bell shouts aloud.

Music on streets with engines in motion,
Where dense traffic flows,
‘Roads for cars’ the primary notion,
For other transits who cares.

A classic ring at the push of a thumb,
Some react some ignore,
Sounds crushed, goes weaker and numb,
When the mighty horn blows.

Calm, courageous and steady,
The bell endures every journey near and far,
Announce a new ride and its up and ready,
Excitedly it holds the handlebar.

Joy unlimited the bell stays duty bound,
Alerts pedestrians by emitting sweet sounds,
A timeless invention has been found,
Listen to its melody when it comes around.


The Bicycle bell was invented by John Richard Dedicoat from Birmingham in England (1840-1903).



Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


7 thoughts on “BICYCLE BELL

  1. Congratulations on the first anniversary of your blog. I always enjoy reading it, and I am impressed with the good work you are doing to promote cycling in India.

    1. These words of encouragement means a lot to me coming from a senior blogger with such a vast travel, teaching and writing experience. Thank you Don for being around and extending support.

  2. 👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Congratulations. Keep writing excellent blogs as usual. You are a great Ambassador to cycling.

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