The Calamus One represents a giant leap for e-bike technology. So much, that it creates a whole new class of e-bike – the ultrabike. Powered by Ultra-drive mid-motors from Bafang and driven by carbon belts from Gates, these bikes are ultra-responsive. They’re also ultra-efficient. The Calamus One gives you upto 70kms of range on a single charge, has a detachable battery and quick-charge capabilities. With an integrated weather-proof computer and navigation touchscreen, the One is the only e-bike to offer integrated support for android apps, rider profiles and real-time self-diagnosis.

It’s also the first bike equipped with ultrasonic sensors that scan your blind-spots and handle-grips that vibrate to warn you about approaching vehicles. Utra-bike frames are custom-casted unibodies with 100% internal cabling. This gives the One a bespoke look, with sleek unbroken body contours. Add to this, the premium automotive-grade paint job, and you’ve got an all-round masterpiece with elite road presence.


Unibody design

The idea behind unibody design was to give seamless flow to the design without any line brakes. The entire design language of the bike is focused on continuity. The bike frame, handlebar is crafted from 6000 series aircraft grade aluminium with automotive grade paint. The handlebar is also a one-piece stem and handle design as opposed to conventional separate stem and separate handlebar design. The unibody design also is attributed by the single contour that flows from the top tube to the rear wheel. The removable battery is also integrated into the down tube of the frame to give the uniformity to design.

Internally routed cables

All the cables of the bike – hydraulic brake, electrical and electronic cables are routed from inside the handlebar and frame to improve the bike aerodynamics, reduce clutter and at the same time make the whole bike weatherproof. The whole approach of showing only what is necessary to the user is used here.

Turn indicators in handle-bars

The handlebar edges house LED safety white lights which also double as turn indicators at the push of a button. The turn indicators activate in the form of a rhythmic circular ring to give it a beautiful touch.

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Integrated TFT touchscreen

A 5” TFT LCD Capacitive touchscreen display is where all the communication takes place between the bike and the rider. It displays all the important data pertaining to:

Performance of the bike –

  • Speed
  • Battery level
  • Range
  • Distance to empty
  • Mode – Sport, Eco, Manual
  • Trip
  • Battery temperature, health
  • Motor temperature, health
  • Sensor status

Other data –

  • Time
  • Weather
  • Blindspot assist

Phone-based –

  • Navigation
  • Music
  • Call notifications
  • Push notifications

Health Data –

  • Workout mode
  • Calories burnt
  • Distance cycled

The screen is accessed by touch when the bike is stationary and by a specially designed ergonomic remote accessed by the left hand while in motion to always keep both hands planted on the handlebar.

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Powerful 250w/750w motor

The bike is going to be a direct replacement for the other modes of personal transport. The majority of our customers are well built and are based in areas of hilly terrain which means they need to have more than adequate power and torque reserve to have pleasant riding experience. Our motors are ultra quick and responsive and come with the combination of best the torque and speed sensor to provide a natural cycle like feeling when the motor kicks in to provide the assistance. The motors also have much higher torque, 250W – 56Nm and 750W – 160Nm for quick acceleration off the line.

High-sensitivity torque sensor

The torque sensors used in the motor provide the sine wave motor performance enabling a smooth and natural ride feel. It is also highly sensitive which allows the motor to understand when to provide assistance based on the slightest pedal inputs from the rider.

Gates carbon belt CDX

Gates Carbon belt CDX system (the best performance system) provides an efficient and noise free ride without the hassle of derailing of chains and requires no lubrication or maintenance. The belt is also made with the world’s strongest material carbon to make it virtually unbreakable!

It provides a smooth riding experience.
The entire system is crafted from the best materials to provide the best riding experience.

Lightweight aluminium frame

The frame is crafted from 6000 series aircraft grade aluminium. The frame is built using the most advanced welding (Titanium inert gas) and finishing to achieve a cutting edge lightweight frame. The entire frame weighs around 3kgs but has been designed to take 120Kgs of load!



Real-time diagnosis

The bike system can access the bike health and performance using the sensors mounted all around and inside the bike. This helps in understanding motor, battery, component health thus the overall health of the bike. With the intelligent system and smart software allows real-time diagnosis which helps the user understand when the next service should be, an indication of part/system failure before it actually happens to prevent an accident.

Auto gear-shifting based on riding pattern

The bike’s high-performance chip allows the bike to store and understand the riding patterns of the rider and use it to provide auto gear shifts. The shifting happens with the help of a combination of the Shimano Di2 computer, shift motor and the Calamus intelligent drive.

Blind spot assist with haptic feedback

To make sure riding on the road is safe for the rider, the bike has inbuilt ultrasonic sensors which gauge traffic from behind and inform the rider if he/she is about to take a turn/change the lane by providing haptic feedback using inbuilt vibration motors in the handlebar. The feedback is intuitive and greatly avoids which could be a fatal crash.


Puncture proof tires

The bike also comes with optional Tannus Aither puncture proof tires which are made up of special polymer-based compound to achieve nearly the same experience as that of pneumatic tubeless tires. They last longer, weigh lesser!

Quick charging

The bike has the ability to charge extremely quickly – 50% or 30 km in 75 minutes and 80% in 2 hours and 100% in 3 hours. This is achieved by using a special high current output charger but without affecting the overall battery life.

Detachable battery

The high capacity battery pack can be conveniently detached using a key. You don’t have to carry your bike home or office to charge simply remove the battery pack and plug it into any wall socket.

Google map navigation

The bike is google map enabled to easily navigate anywhere around the world using a global network card and a GPS chip that comes inbuilt into the bike.



Fingerprint unlock

The bike also has an ultra-fast biometric scanner for locking, unlocking and rider profile recognition. The scanner is a capacitive fingerprint scanner that is located just below the screen on the handlebar.

Geo-tracking and fencing

The GPS and GSM worldwide chip enables worldwide tracking of the bike in case it gets lost or stolen. You can track it very easily using the Find my ride feature on our mobile application. The tracking shows the bike history and informs the user of the location in case a thief is trying to steal the bike

Anti-theft fasteners

Component theft is a big problem in all cities around the world. We have come up with patent pending theft proof fasteners that can only be opened using a special tool that is provided with the bike. These fasteners look very similar to the conventional fasteners but cannot be accessed with conventional tools

Anti-theft alarm

You parked your bike in the parking lot and someone is trying to steal or mess with your bike. How do you know? The bike has a built-in anti-theft alarm that works in 2 stages when someone is trying to steal or tamper with the bike. First is a warning provided to the thief in case of an attempt where the owner is also informed through the mobile app, if he/she continues tampering then a loud alarm comes on and another warning is sent to the owner via the app.


The bike has a patent pending smart lock that can be accessed using the mobile app to lock/unlock the bike. The lock is a hidden lock integrated into the frame of the bike which also automatically locks unlock the bike with a simple fingerprint scan or if selected under options you are in the proximity.



Left: Nilesh Bothra, Right: Huzaifa Hararwala

Nilesh Bothra, Co-founder & CEO

Every dream begins with a dreamer and that’s exactly what happened with Nilesh. He fell in love with cars at a tender age of three and dreamt of building his own supercar one day. After attending 2 Formula SAE, Italy, events during his college days, he earned the golden opportunity of leading the Formula SAE team to Japan in the year 2016, post which he co-found an advanced composite startup in college. After completing his graduation he went onto work with one of the finest automobile making companies in the industry, Rolls Royce followed by an authentic Nepalese food-cart startup. His dream project, Calamus, then came through and he hasn’t looked back ever since!

Huzaifa Hararwala, Co-founder & CTO

Huzaifa is one of the most intuitive coders you’ll ever meet. His interest in computer technology was ignited at a very early age and he has been coding and building computers since school, where he specializes in network and security. Designing efficient & intricate programming boards has always been his forte. After completing his graduation in Bachelor’s in Computer Science he worked with Mozilla Firefox. Huzaifa and Nilesh met in their college hostel and their shared passion for technology led them to building Calamus right after it. Huzaifa also thoroughly enjoys baking!


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