Street cycling in Mumbai is all about logistics but not on cargo bikes. Workers on a bicycle ship various types of goods and those includes newspapers, bakery items, cement bags, gas cans, water cans, plants, paper cartons, TV sets, water tanks, furniture, milk, ice creams,  ice slabs, vegetables, coconuts, lunch boxes, food, clothing, machinery and much beyond one can think off. The carrier on the bicycle plays a crucial role in bearing majority of the load.

On this World Photography Day, here are few powerful images that brings out the true essence of Cycling in Mumbai and the capability of a bicycle. The 200+ year old bicycle serves all of humanity and stands as a symbol of human progress.

About 10-12 plastic crates are loaded on this bike is what am estimating. Crates are used by vegetable and fruits sellers.


These jute bags will be taken to the vegetable market and re-used.

A woman carries multiple items on her ladybird cycle. The collected items will be sold to the scrap dealer. The money earned will help her buy food for children whose hungry eyes eagerly awaits their moms return.


The timely delivery of this gas cylinder will ensure the family eats home cooked food.

This man pedals to deliver a water tank to a customer which will enable them to store clean drinking water in their house.


With the latest trend of using Smart TV’s, the era of CRT Television and LCD screens stands redundant. These sets might get repaired and shipped to rural villages. A new home awaits them where they would be valued again.


On a rainy day he walks the cycle with leaves.


Carrying  boxes of Cycle Pure Agarbatti ‘Incense Sticks’.


Someone has ordered extra chairs for a large gathering to manage seating for guests.

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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