Urban mobility specialist Tern Bicycles has unveiled the new GSD electric cargo bike. Originally launched in 2017, the GSD created waves in the bicycle world by challenging tradition with its compact yet highly functional design. The new GSD pushes boundaries even further and will help even more families and businesses transition to sustainable mobility.

“The original GSD was a complete rethink of how an electric bike could be optimized for urban usage,” stated Joshua Hon, Tern Team Captain. “We think we did a pretty good job, but that was only version 1.0. Now that we’ve had tens of thousands of kilometers under the collective belt of the development team, and two years worth of rider feedback, we’ve been able to create a new GSD that does a lot of things even better.”

Rated to a gross vehicle weight of 200 kg (440 lb), the upgraded Tern GSD can do the work of a heavy-duty cargo bike. It carries up to two kids or even an adult passenger, plus a whole lot of groceries—but it’s the same length as a regular bike. Quick tool-free adjustments let the GSD fit riders 150 – 195 cm tall (4’11” – 6’5″), making it extremely easy to share between different family members. The bike is also compact enough to be stored upright in small apartments, and flat folds to one third of its volume to fit in minivans or SUVs.

The enormous capacity and compact size of the GSD have also made it a favorite among businesses looking for more sustainable solutions to deliver goods and services. The GSD has been empowering nonprofit organizations and commercial businesses to do more by bike while trimming down operating costs and reducing their carbon footprint.

While the key aspects everyone loved about the GSD are still the same, just about everything is new and improved. Here are some of the changes:

Stronger, Stiffer, and Even More Stable:

The new Tern GSD gets a beefy new frame, with substantially larger and internally-reinforced tubes, as well as optimized truss work for more stiffness. Even with heavy cargo or passengers, riding the new GSD is a breeze.

Best-in-Class Kickstand:

The new GSD is fitted with the patented Atlas Lockstand. Wide, strong, and stable, it has an Auto Lock feature when engaged, and a Remote Unlock lever on the handlebars for convenience and safety. With the Atlas Lockstand, loading and unloading cargo or young passengers has never been safer.

Comfier for Short and Tall Riders:

The new GSD is updated to Easy-Step frame geometry, with a slacker seat tube angle and higher handlebars to fit smaller and taller riders better. Easy-Step geometry also allows riders to reach the ground at stops more easily. The addition of a custom suspension fork in all models and a suspension seatpost in specific packages completes the comfort picture.

More Power:

All GSD models now feature the best-in-class Bosch Cargo Line (Gen 4) motor that’s designed for heavy loads and hilly roads. The new motor provides e-assist with up to 85 Nm of torque and 400% support, and is also backed by Bosch’s unparalleled warranty and service.

More Safety:

Every GSD is equipped with Tern’s RearStop Brake Light system which stays on day or night, regardless of whether the bike lights are on or off. Select models also receive the Ignis Headlight, which projects an ultra-wide 700-lumen beam and has selectable high and low beams.

The Wish List:

GSD S00 and R14 models are equipped with a Gates belt drive for smooth and low-maintenance riding. And for those looking for the very ultimate in bicycle technology, the GSD R14 is equipped with a Rohloff Speedhub and E-14 electronic shifting. Handmade in Germany, the Rohloff offers 14 gears, a massive 526% gear range, Auto Downshift, and the smoothest shifting available.

New Accessories:

The GSD already has an incredible ecosystem of accessories to help customize the bike for different cargo and passenger combinations. But new accessories add even more functionality and versatility. The Clubhouse+ provides enough room for a child seat in the rear position and a bigger kid in front; the Captain’s Chair lets older kids or adult passengers enjoy a more laid-back ride; and the new Cargo Hold 52 panniers hold a massive 104 liters of gear or groceries. And beyond these three new accessories, many more are on the way.

Tough and Tested:

But the new GSD is not just massively upgraded—it’s also rigorously tested for reliability and safety. Tern has partnered with EFBE Prüftechnik, one of Europe’s leading bicycle testing labs, to test the GSD using the EFBE Tri-Test, which is based on the recently-announced German cargo bike standard. The GSD has passed the Tri-Test up to the claimed load limit of 200 kg, which means the bike not only meets but exceeds the newest German cargo bike standard.

The new Tern GSD lineup includes three models, the GSD S10 starting at €4499/US$4599, GSD S00 starting at €5499/US$5599, and GSD R14 starting at €8299/US$8399. Bikes will start arriving in stores in Q4 2020.

For more information, visit: ternbicycles.com

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