A Chandigarh based mobility startup ZADD Automotive has a solution for hyperlocal businesses and last mile commute with personal mobility.

Creation of ZADD Automotive:

Not many dare to take the Road Less Travelled.

Two young bright engineering Students, Shubham Goyal and Aniket Bhardwaj spotted a void in electric cargo bikes segment in India and co-founded ZADD Automotive in 2017.

It all started when Shubham and Aniket met at the Chitkara University in 2014. As part of a college project, they began developing an IOT based anti-theft system for an Automotive OEM in Canada. The incubation program provided them enough exposure to the ebikes category and market research opportunities. They recognized their shared interest in electric mobility, and having noticed the need-gap for ebikes, ZADD Automotive was formed.

“We traveled to different countries and found that e-bikes are emerging as a new form of mobility for urban commuting needs, that’s how we decided to work on a product of our own” says Shubham.

Initially, the Startup was supported by Chitkara Incubator with grants and expert guidance to conceptualize and create proto-types.

Later, it was backed by Mr. Samar Singla, CEO Jungle Works with a seed capital.

Aniket on Left, with Shubham.

A Journey of hardships and determination:

When Shubham and Aniket decided to quit their jobs and set-up their own venture, they embarked on a new territory with a vision ‘To create products which can have an impact on the society’.

The duo toiled hard, experimented, failed, struggled, re-skilled and made every effort count to bring the idea alive.

After testing the product and sub-systems thoroughly, team ZADD started pilots with delivery companies to get a feedback and make improvisations.

“It has been an action-packed phase for our development team to achieve the best user experience” explains Aniket.

Shubham adds “Startups begin with a tiny team of true believers who often work around the clock for little or no money to make their dreams come true. They struggle and suffer together to achieve success. We believe, when we serve our happy customers globally is what will be the day more rewarding”.

Product Range:

ZADD Automotive manufactures two ebike models – Utility Mini and an upcoming bike ZADD X1. These bikes are manufactured in Ludhiana while the companies business dealings are carried out from Panchkula in Haryana.

The Utility Mini is targeted to the B2B segment such as e-commerce, logistic companies, courier and parcel delivery, supermarkets, restaurants, and mom and pop stores.

As a matter of fact, the compact ZADD Utility Mini has unrestricted applications even for individual needs such as grocery shopping and family outings.

ZADD Utility Mini operates on two removable batteries with a range of 140KM on a single charge of two hours. The ebike comes with adjustable handles which makes the bike easy to use for riders with heights between 5ft to 7ft.

The smart ebike is fitted with a Bafang cargo line geared hub motor, dual kick-stand and comes in 4 vibrant color options.

The Utility Mini can carry upto 80 kgs (excluding the rider’s weight) and has different carrying accessories that can be docked at the bike.

Undoubtedly, the Utility Mini is a faster, safer and practical way to carry a range of cargo and commute with ease. Price starts from 65,000/- for Utility Mini Plus and 45,000/- for utility Mini. (For detailed Specs visit the Website)

ZADD Automotive has already secured pre-orders of 100 units for their Utility Mini from international dealers.

By 1st quarter of 2021, ZADD X1 will be launched. ZADD X1 is a carbon fiber bike with integrated battery and connectivity. It is designed for urban commuting and built with all the modern features and latest technology.

“At ZADD Automotive, we have always emphasized on design to achieve the best user experience and comfort. We are the only ebike manufacturer in India and have selected each and very component to optimize the performance of our bikes. In times to come, our aim is to offer best experience of ebikes by focusing on performance, connectivity and design” says Aniket.

Business Challenges:

The EV segment is relatively new for majority of players. In the developing market, manufacturing of components and batteries is not fully flourished and that causes dependency on imports. Which is why the manufacturers are unable to enjoy the subsidies and incentives offered by the government to its optimum, and transfer to the customers.

Limited awareness and lack of pilot models for reference has kept the industry guessing. Incidentaly, the electric cargo bikes market is yet to establish a footprint on Indian soil.

After having crossed the preliminary hurdles of development stage, ZADD Automotive believes few initial successful pilots will definitely bring in the commitment from the stakeholders required by any OEM for further development of a range of Cargo ebikes for varied use cases.

“The E-commerce and on demand convenience services is on surge which requires a sustainable and efficient vehicle to achieve the last mile connectivity. Our research suggests electric bicycles will be predominant form of commuting or deliveries in coming years; wherein today it is just a niche being driven by early adopters” Aniket explains.

Road Ahead:

Post Covid-19 crises, the market situation has dramatically changed. The Government of India has put clear emphasis on building a business environment driven by the ethos of ‘Self-Reliance’ and Startup culture. The pandemic has triggered a new mindset of innovation and solution based approach for businesses. The World is eyeing India to become a global manufacturing hub and cater to their supply needs.

ZADD Automotive is getting good inquiries from European countries and has signed-up with several dealers for distribution. As a result, once manufacturing resumes to its 100% capacity, the Startup is projected to sell over 5 thousand units by end of 2021.

Commenting on the future plan, Shubham said “We have been working with delivery companies and fleet owners for their requirements. Additionally, the pandemic has unfolded a sudden boom in demand – and with our competitive pricing and superior quality, we are committed to launch our bikes for personal mobility in India and also cater to our International partners”.

ZADD Automotive has taken an unconventional approach to solve critical pain points of individuals and entities. With its smart technology, the company is aspiring to redefine urban commuting, micro logistics and create a new era of transportation.

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Photo credits: ZADD Automotive

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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