Glamour, Luxury, Extravagant Sets, Parties and Paparazzi. This lifestyle is a Passé for the Bollywood Actors as recent incidents has compelled many to bring out their True Side.

Prominence and Identity:

Acting is a self-modified, adapted, leased out, artificial and sometimes superfluous conditional behaviour executed in a mutually agreed and controlled environment.

A stage where performance is expressed, recorded, edited and projected on a 70 mm screen – nicely packaged, marketed and magnified to its optimum.

The Actor temporarily gives up his identity only to get into a character, and pretends to own it. And in quest for the best, he slaves, hiding behind the shimmer, flash lights – hungry for the media space to make us believe it’s all real.

The entire cycle of systematic and planned labour is to Stay Relevant and Popular.

Off-course, the desire is to reach out to larger sets of audiences, attract, inspire and or influence minds.

Hits and Misses, Blockbusters and Super Hits – Actors become Stars and Fan-base their notional assets.

Fame and Success further alters their personality.

And in the process of chasing dreams, fuelling aspirations, the ‘Original’ person gets concealed. Or sometimes, gets lost in the pile of wealth and professional commitments.

Returning to the Roots:

The Corona virus crises has affected the Bollywood fraternity as much as it has to a common man.

The ‘Self-Actualized’ souls having reached their pinnacle of comfort and prosperity, are now seen embracing the common man’s lifestyle.

Some of them have started Cycling!

The desire to ride a bicycle is like a ‘Return Journey’, in which the Actor goes back to his native self.

Being authentic and playing the original role is what brings pure satisfaction.

The role he is born to play, the one which is genuine, and that he feels happy performing.


The innate motivational drive of the Actor moves him from one level to another, as explained in the Maslow’s Theory of needs. From the most fundamental, he rises up to the highest block of pyramid.

Reaching Self-Actualization and Transcendence, a stage of complete fulfilment, the Actor craves for something beyond that.

‘Cyclo-si-zation’, a behavioural pattern in which the Actor desires for the ordinary and the basic.

The ‘humble bicycle’ brings joy and a sense of contentment to him.

After, crossing the Odyssey and ticking all check-boxes of Maslow’s Pyramid, the new peak attained is ‘Cyclo-si-zation’.

At this stage, the efforts go in to re-instituting the old, and life takes a full circle.

The Actor has everything – most expensive Car, Motorbike, access to Private Jets, Yachts, etc., but all he wants is to return to cycling.

Cover photo: Sooraj Pancholi

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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