A Recent study reveal a Positive Growth Outlook for Cargo Bikes Industry in Europe.

Cargo Bike Boom in Europe:

The EU-funded CityChangerCargoBike project has released key results of the first European Cargo Bike Industry Survey. The results of the survey, that are based on the sales data provided by 38 anonymous brands predict over 50% market growth in 2020. The responses provided by 38 brands are assumed to reflect the growth trends of the entire cargo bike market in Europe.

As per the survey, 38 brands that participated in the study are expecting to sell 43.6K cargo bikes across European market by the end of 2020.

The Cargo Bike market is at a nascent stage and consists of start-ups and a few bigger players. Out of the 38 brands that responded to the survey, 3 brands are hoping to sell 5K units, which will be a new milestone in a calendar year for them.

Key Survey Findings: (Estimated Figures for 2020)

Commercial cargo bikes are expected to contribute 51% of the total sales volume.

5 out of every 10 cargo bikes sold is an electric assisted pedelec under 25 Kms/hr.

Tricycles and Two Wheel Cargo Bikes maintain a sales ratio of 51:49%.

However, demand for Tricycles are growing Y-O-Y.

Germany, Denmark, UK, Netherlands and Belgium are the Top 5 Priority Markets for the brands.

Kevin Mayne, CEO Cycling Industries Europe and partner of the CityChangerCargoBike project, commented –

“We have identified for some time that the cargo and delivery bike market has really high potential for the cycling industries of Europe. This survey makes me very confident that we are on the right track, with the sector doing well and a diverse range of vehicles increasingly meeting all market needs across Europe”.

Berlin based cargo bike expert Arne Behrensen, editor of and co-ordinator of the survey, added –

“50 – 60 percent annual market growth is in line with observations of CityChangerCargoBike partners who promote cargo bike use across Europe. But in many regions the cargo bike revolution is still in a very early stage. Decarbonizing transport, improving air quality and regaining public street space needs more political support for sustainable vehicles like cargo bikes”.

7 Reasons you must switch to a Cargo Bike for Private, Public or Commercial use:

  1. Cargo Bikes are eco-friendly with low carbon footprint, cuts noise and air pollution.
  2. Requires low maintenance, and are cheaper compared to motorized bikes and logistic vehicles.
  3. Faster ROI with cheaper per km delivery cost.
  4. Convenient to park and offers versatile applications.
  5. Easy access to all age-groups, abilities and nurtures gender equality.
  6. Enhances family bonding and saves commute/delivery time.
  7. Promotes entrepreneurship with small investments.

With unlimited potential, the Social Benefits of Cargo Bikes far outweighs the investments.

Photo: Dutch Cycling Embassy.

Access the Survey Results and Analysis: Cargo Bikes Survey Market Size Results

The European Cargo Bike Industry Survey will be repeated in spring 2021.

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