As part of my home quarantine activity, I built this model of a cargo tricycle. It is a simple ‘DIY’ project and can be accomplished using basic items available in the house.

‘Quarantine’ is a restriction on the movement of people and goods to prevent the spread of disease. But those who are updated with the latest cycling news, would be aware of how cargo bikes are helping workers in some cities to deliver/pick-up essentials.

Therefore, people who purchased cargo bikes earlier are now getting returns on their investments.

Aside from providing all the benefits of a normal bicycle, cargo bikes are customizable, and are equipped to handle significant load (a standard cargo bike can carry around 200 kgs).

Compared to mini vans, cargo bikes demand less parking space, they are easy to operate and fun to ride.

For local businesses, cargo bikes can be a profitable investment for handling city logistics as the acquisition cost is less than a delivery truck.

And these are few reasons why I find cargo bikes so fascinating.

Irrespective of the circumstances, our creativity must not be quarantined. Hence, I made a front load cargo trike model at home using these easy steps.

Step 1: Once you have decided the type of model you wish to create, gather all the required stuff at one place.


Step 2: Extract circular portions from a cardboard and fix the popsicle sticks on either sides. Trim it to give a round shape. (Use a sharp scissor to get a fine cut on the edges, mine was blunt).


Step 3: Dissect the round portion of the sticks chopping them to equal length and glue them to make a box frame.



Step 4: Cut the sticks proportionately to make the frame and the seat post; attach the frame-set to the box.


Step 5: Slice the stick to make a handle bar and breaks. Adapt the colored paper inside the box. Decorate the bike and you are done. Flag is optional. I used match sticks for pedals.


Limitations of my cargo bike: Wheels are fixed and are without tyres. It does not have mudguards and crank-set.

More Tips: If you use round sticks, you can drill holes and make rotating wheels. Tyre’s can be made using inner tubes. Sophisticated tools will help you work on the finer elements and increase the aesthetics.

Now its time to have a look at the photo shoot of the final creation.









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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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