A small sacrifice we have to make. Don’t be depressed by the lockdown, its not so late; keep faith. Flower of hope will bloom, difficult time will pass soon. Let go the endless worries. Trust in the miracles of Christ, day after night will bring a spectacular sunrise. Live the present, read through stories and relish the berries.

We are preparing for a better tomorrow. The old rituals are gone, shaking our souls how foolish we were living in illusions. A reality check has shaped our thoughts giving life a new approach. Let us rewrite the rule books and re-imagine our world of a bright future awaiting to give us fresh fruits of happiness.

A special Sunday God has choosen, smile and trust he’s shielding us. Lift your spirits and share your joy with chocolates, bunnies and colorful eggs. Christ has returned, praise the lord for the sacrifice he made. His faith in humanity gives us another chance to be our improved versions. May his blessings fill our life with renewed hope and endless seasons of love, peace and good health. Happy Easter!


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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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