While I was planning my visit to see the great Taj Mahal in Agra, I came across numerous blogs and websites which gives useful travel tips and things to do in Agra.

And when I returned back to Mumbai after visiting the Taj, I was wondering what to write about it in my blog?

After pondering, I considered writing a poem. Since, a lot has already been told about its historical significance and detailed travel information is available on the internet. I have penned this poem about the beautiful structure capturing my personal experience.

Wah Taj!
The Milky white monument
A symbol of love
Attraction for the tourists
A wonder of the world

Built in uniformity
Raises heads high in pride
You can watch it till eternity
With emotions in eyes

The reflection in the pond
The scent in the garden
The sunset at Taj Mahal
Is a mesmerizing experience

Why hate? When we can love
Why destroy? When we can build
Why ignore? When we can adore
Why imitate? When we can create

A memorial spellbound
With a phenomenal surround
Entry to abundance
Exit with gratification

A fine work of craftsmanship
A delicate piece of art
See it to believe it
And say Wah Taj!

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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