The Shooting Star is an honest, real and immersive travelogue by Shivya Nath.

At the age of 23, Shivya left her corporate job and travelled to more than 50 countries – taking the reader to some of the remote and beautiful places in the globe through this book.

The Shooting Star is a national bestseller with engaging experiences narrated by Shivya.

The young author decided not to live an average life – but live like a nomad, calling the world her home.

In this book, she explains how her travel journeys changed her outlook and she found a new purpose of leading a sustainable lifestyle, and becoming a vegan.

At a very early age she sold her home and most of her belongings to become a wanderlust. Over the years, she has figured her way out to live with minimal objects, tight budgets and consume organic products.

During her travels, cycling is one of her ways to explore the wilderness of little-known places.

She travels slow, seeks off-beat destinations and local experiences; absorbs the beauty of the surroundings and captures some of the finest moments with photography.

After quitting her job with Singapore Tourism Board, and selling her start-up ‘India Untraveled’, she has become a full time Travel Blogger and publishes her work on It is one of the best blogs on eco-friendly tourism.

Her work has been featured in The Washington Post, BBC Travel, TedX, National Geographic and several other national and international media platforms.

With its vivid descriptions, cinematic landscapes, moving encounters and uplifting adventures, The Shooting Star is a travel memoir that maps not just the world but also the human spirit.

I recommend this book for people who are wanting to take the unconventional paths, rethink about the idea called ‘Life’ and make traveling, learning and introspection, an ongoing process.

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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