Walking on the wet grass was a pleasure in the midst of open skies and mountains.

It was a healing moment away from the city life and stress.

This was a short holiday that allowed me to break-free from social obligations and get closer to nature.

The urban fabric has been enveloped with encounters of concrete layers that leaves us pale and barely appeals to our senses.

I wish that urban planners had preserved the greenery around us in the city infrastructure.

Walking on the grass is a child-like experience and I hope it happens more often.

There is some magic in the soil beneath my feet. My feet’s are overjoyed with this connection. It’s like two friends meeting after years. No wonder, this bond is inseparable. I want to rest my mind on the green carpet and release it from all the thoughts that constantly keep it occupied. Come and celebrate this moment with me, let’s walk barefoot on the natural turf together. 

“Touch your soles with the soul of this earth and feel her magic”.

Today is the 4th Anniversary of this blog and I am glad that this blog has come so far. Keep showering your blessings and every appreciation counts. Thank you and keep supporting.

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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