Take Off is a compilation of several short and true stories of everyday cyclists. This book captures personal experiences of men and women cyclists from different cities of India.

It is said that India is a country of storytellers and you will find them at every nook and corner. Take Off is a fine example of creative minds leading a cycling life.

Bundled in 37 short chapters, cyclist’s have articulated their raw experiences in their own words. The chapters cover a wide variety of topics such as MTB racing, BRMs, long distance cycling, health transformation stories, love affairs, mountain biking, personal milestones, leisure rides etc.

The stories are high on emotions with individual adventures of cyclist’s who have worked hard to achieve whatever little personal goals they had set. Each experience is worth reading, different from the other and deserves an applause.

Once upon a time the humble bicycle was just a mode of transport in India. Its character has changed as the bicycle has grown to become a lifestyle choice for fitness and outdoor adventures.

People have evolved with time in their cycling careers and are ready to go to the next level with great spirit and enthusiasm.

All in all, Take Off is an inspiring work by the Cyclop team.

Cyclop is one of the largest cycling communities in India with more than seventy thousand members on their facebook group.

It all began in 2012, when Malvika, a copywriter and cyclist, saw the need to connect newbies who wanted to buy a bike and start riding, with veteran cyclists who wanted to sell their cycles and upgrade to more sophisticated bikes. She created a facebook group to connect the two groups, and thus, Cyclop was born.

Take Off is one of the best initiatives by Cyclop to promote cycling across the nation of India – a country of billion dreams.

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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