Today is a special day for me and I would like to thank all the followers of this website as it completes three years on 4th August. I present to you a collection of short poems written by me to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of this blog.

Lady Rider

So what if I am a woman, my bicycle does not discriminate,

Of all the doubts I had of using a mediocre machine, it sprints on the streets the same way; and as much on the highway lanes too.

My color, clothing or religion cannot separate, the roads are encompassing and welcoming to recreation.

Those insecurities are a product of your imagination – don’t bundle me up; boundless and liberal being, I am of a human kind.

Dare and scare. push or pull, chase and race,

Tricks won’t deter, nor will I terminate.

I am born to win, blossom and germinate – procreate,

Even thunderstorms cannot come in the lady rider’s way.


Frozen river,

Chill ice, snow or frost,

Cool breeze,

Dry skin,

Switch on the heater,

It’s winter!


Three needles stuck put together,

Fast, medium and slow,

Reminds you of moments wherever you go!


Gives you a stare,

Gives you attention,

Gives you hope,

Gives you empathy,

Gives you generosity,

Gives you contentment,

But, he is still a beggar.

Walk Alone

Overweight or Skinny,

Old man or a Toddler,

Concrete or Marble,

Sunny or Rainy,

Office or School,

Party or Funeral,

Morning or Night,

Train or Flight,

With your Shoes,

You never Walk Alone.

Old man and his stick

Independent, yet dependents, alive together,

Without the old man’s company, the stick will be an orphan.


Tell her when you sip,

Tell her when you kiss,

Tell her when you lie,

Tell her when you smile,

Tell her when you cry,

Tell her when you see a mirror,

She is your imagery, your lipstick!

Door mat

You meet him first,

Rub your feet,

You greet him last,

Hello, hi, goodbye!

Lonely Tree

Tons of sand,

Gallons of water,

Blowing winds,

Burning sun,

Golden rays,

Chirping birds,

Aquatic life,

Human tribe,

Galaxy of stars,

Buzzing insects,

Dark skies in the wild,

In between, stands a lonely tree.

So what if I failedTokyo Olympics 2020

The sun shines on me,

The wind sweeps through my hair,

The waves wet my feet,

And the moon lights up the sky,

So what if I failed.

Flowers smell the same,

Birds sing in glory & pain,

Peacocks dance in the rain,

And the farmer is happy with his grains,

So what if I failed.

The dog wags his tail,

The tortoise maintains his pace,

The Athlete wins the race,

And the Shuttler scores another ace,

So what if I failed.

The clock goes full circle & ticks nine,

Failure is a lesson & suffering a loss is fine,

Winners are made after they grind,

Yes, I admit I failed, the defeat is mine,

For tomorrow will be a day of victory,

And the glory will be yours.

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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