Senior aged men in lycra are setting Strava records. No better day then Dusshera to achieve a new milestone.

Dussehra, a popular festival in India signifies the victory of good over evil. The festival inspires us to follow the path of Dharma – Righteousness. It prompts us to be honest, stay focused, practice discipline and perform our duties. No matter how tough the path, hard work always pays.

Likewise, Sporting activities help us to overcome the evils of health issues, mental illness, stress and obesity.

Today, we look at two corporate professionals who transformed their health conditions through cycling. Both completed 10,000 Kilometres of cycling on 25th October 2020.

Chetan Shah, Managing Director & CEO, Xpress Computers Ltd.

Chetan rides 6 days a week, on an average 2 hours a day and clocks approximately 12-15,000 Kms each year. This year despite lockdown, Chetan managed to surpass the 10K distance as early as October, marking 2020 his 7th consecutive year of 10K+ Kms of cycling.

But there is a gripping tale behind his cycling achievements. Prior to 2013, Chetan had to undergo a heart bypass surgery, a brain tumor surgery, and a knee replacement. He took up cycling to revitalize his health condition in 2014. Thereafter, Chetan has taken up international bike tours, ridden extensively in India, including Randonneuring laurels to his name.    

Chetan is the Co-founder and President of Mumbai Cycling Enthusiasts – one of the world’s largest cycling groups. Recently, he published an inspiring blog ‘Diary of a daily rider’ on his website where he blogs occasionally.

“I don’t set out to do any targets annually. All I do is consistent riding. The Kms just pile up weekly and through the year” – Chetan Shah.

Murugan Shobana, General Manager, Mahindra Holidays.

Back in 2005, Murugan was detected with diabetes. His doctor prescribed him to pedal more to avoid pills in the long run. Initially, he found it tough but later, settled with cycling as part of his daily routine.

He ditched his car and started commuting to work. Like it is said “Every successful person has a painful story”. Murugan suffered 2 major accidents and went under the knife for a corrective surgery to his left hand and shoulder, and has 3 big Titanium plates fixed in his arm. Chances of returning to cycling looked bleak, but Murugan was determined to get back on the saddle.

Murugan’s condition required him to use a light, convenient bicycle, while his job involved extensive travel. A Brompton folding bicycle suited his pre-requisites which he bought home and since then, he has been cycling consistently. He is now called as Brompton Murugan in the cycling circle.

Last year, Murugan recorded 14,000 kms on his Brommie and added another 10,000 Kms this year. The 51 year old professional continues with his rides all across India and documents his journeys on his youtube channel #BromptonMurugan.

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day-in and day-out. It’s like a small drop of water everyday makes a mighty ocean” – Murugan Shobana.

Join me in Congratulating Chetan Shah and Murugan Shobana for their relentless efforts and accomplishments. A victory of Strength over Weakness. Happy Dussehra!

Image credits: Chetan Shah and Murugan Shobana.

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


  1. I know Chetan bhai let’s term him as a consistent achiver always. Also he is an inspiration to many out there whilst riding i always feel that yes i should be achieving targets like him. Motivator in every sense Chetanbhai you make us all proud.

  2. Having done a few multi-days cycling tours with Chetan bhai, I won’t shy away from describing him as the most passionate cyclist I know. A great motivator and Mr Consistent! Cheers!

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