Why should our kids be exposed to only Car based toys? Two cargo bikes enthusiast have created an exciting alternative and named their project Cargoli.

Berlin-Neukolln based artist Nico Jungel and cargo bikes expert Arne Behrensen have come together to design, develop and sell toy cargo bikes named Cargoli.

A replica of cargo bikes, the Cargoli is built in Europe and sold in 2 categories – ‘Cargoli Kids’ for children aged 1-3 yeas and ‘Cargoli Kits’ for 5 years and above. The Cargoli Kits comes in 3 variants – Long John, Tricycle and Truck for anyone who loves cargo bikes. Fans can even get their favorite model customized with their own logos.

Photo credit: Cargoli

Broadly, the intent behind this project is to introduce cargo bikes to children from an early age. A subtle and creative way of building a connection with the efficient, eco-friendly bakfiets.

The idea of carrying children on cargo bikes is very popular in the Netherlands and many other countries. People use cargo bikes/trikes to carry babies, children, pets, shopping and cargo very comfortably. The miniature models are a positive stimulus that are helping lay a solid foundation for the next generation to embrace cycle logistics in their everyday lives.

“The Cargolis are an homage to all large and small cargo bike fans. They encourage people to swap car frustration for cargo bike fun” says Arne.

While Nico believes “My children love to ride a Cargobike. The fact that they can only play with cars in kindergarten simply had to be changed”.

Cargoli range can be used for –

  • Toy for kids/adults
  • Gifting
  • Promotional item
  • Personal collection
  • Display

The International Cargo Bike Festival Online Magazine of 2020 also speaks about Cargoli Family in it’s latest issue.

You can learn more about Cargoli and how to order by visiting the website www.cargoli.de

I received my Long John Cargoli last week and conducted a photo shoot inside a public park.

Enjoy the album:

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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