Celebrations to the World Bicycle Day commenced with a bright sunshine when pictures of Queen Maxima of the Netherlands appeared online. Dressed in a vibrant yellow ensemble, her majesty arrived in style on a bicycle for the re-opening of an art museum in The Hague.

Cycling being a common way of mobility, the choice of transport made by the Dutch Royal was perfect for the day. The Queen smiled at the onlookers as she rode on the red asphalt cycle tracks. Mom of three kids, the 49 year old queen was photographed casually cycling down the street in a monochrome outfit, with shades and accessories. She appeared elegant and comfortable in her outing.

Amid the global pandemic, civil unrest in the US, cyclone in Mumbai, and lockdown in rest of the world, there were no major outdoor events and the celebration of the World Bicycle Day shifted onto virtual platforms.

The day in the calendar was marked with a number of webinars, facebook live, photo sharing campaigns, video releases, announcements and social engagements.

From Vice-President to the Sports Minister of India, likewise, many international social handles with blue ticks gave a positive opinion on cycling.

Even in times of crises, the cycling community showed incredible commitment for this day with innovative ideas and campaigns; and by uploading and sharing topical content.

Heads turn when leaders lead by example.

Of all the images I saw on June 3rd, I’ve selected five of them which I liked the most (You might have a different selection).

india cycle history
A 2000 year old Statue of a man sitting on a bicycle on the wall of the ‘Panchavarnaswamy’ Temple in Tamil Nadu. Is this true? This picture has surprised the world, because as per record books, the bicycle was invented in Europe some 200 years ago. Image posted by Akhand Bharat.
royal enfield bicycle
Posted by Chetan Rajhans
Posted by Anders Adamsen : “From All of US to All of Denmark”.
herbert tiemens
By Herbert Tiemens with a quote “I wished the world looked more like this”
chris froome
By Pro-Cyclist Chris Froome. “Sometimes you’ve just got to stop and enjoy the view”

Cover image: Koninklijk Huis

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

Reference article: Ray of sunshine! Queen Maxima of the Netherlands cuts a stylish figure in vibrant ensemble as she cycles to visit the re-opened Hague Art Museum


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