‘Social Distancing’ is going to be around for few months/years with us until science makes the breakthrough of developing a vaccine. Once lockdown is relaxed, our behaviour in public places will dramatically change. But much before that, our mindset has already recognized this shift and reacting to it in the current set-up.

There are concerns to be addressed, some related to ourselves and those that have long term implications. As we distance ourselves from the world, what measures can be taken to remain progressive?

In this post, I am attempting to elaborate ‘Social Distancing‘ that can have greater effect on individuals and society.


Share : Resources, Time, Money, Space, Gratitude, Kindness…as much or as little. You know how much extra you were holding onto, pass it on to a local NGO or authorities and it will surely make a difference to some one’s life.


Organization : Care for your employees, Don’t overload with assignments as people work from home, Pay in part if not full, ‘Rewards’ defer and not refuse as they worked hard for it through the year.


Communicate : Talk to your self – the best company when you are alone. Silent conversations may reveal the path ahead. Sometimes darkness enlightens.


Innovate : Find another method of doing a task, challenge your brain and try a new pattern. Small improvisations deliver better results. If you fail, no one will hold you, it’s part of learning. And when you succeed, you can proudly let everyone know in your circle.


Attract : You are fortunate to be on the negative side of the virus, but don’t pickup negativity along the way. Stay positive, sound optimistic, be hopeful and attract confidence.


Limited : We learnt fast in the initial weeks of lockdown that all this while we were pampering ourselves with things which we can live without. Once normalcy is restored move from surplus to a minimalistic lifestyle. Is it difficult?


Diet : Follow a disciplined diet with immunity boosting seasonal foods. A nutritious diet with adequate intake of water and light exercise will keep you fit through the day.


Interesting : Make your day interesting by dressing up, calling an old friend, watching a documentary or start a social media campaign to motivate others. And if you are one of those leaders gifted with analytical ability, you can actively share industry forecasts and strategies to combat the global economic crises through online forums, webinars etc.


Skills : Sketch, pluck the guitar strings, learn recipes and cook a meal, write, sing… revive your old hobbies and polish your skills. There are thousands of DIY ideas waiting for you on the internet.


Technology : AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things these are technologies of future. But in reality, people still struggle using the video call function on what’s app. You can teach your elderly parents who often face difficulties in using gadgets.  Advantages of digital skills are well known so am not elaborating here, embrace technology and gain from the convenience it offers.


Appreciate : Despite the pandemic health care workers, government staff, supply chain, grocery and essential services are still functioning to take care of our needs. They need to be appreciated, and appreciation is a person’s greatest emotional need. Appreciate what you have and what others are doing for you.


Nature : The views of silent streets, clean air, singing birds, blooming flowers and animals appearing on city roads has melted our hearts. And a picture of human locked inside a house compared with and an animal in a zoo is widely circulated on social media and has left us with guilt and regret. I leave this part for you to decide.


Collaborate : Business’s are suffering especially start-ups as finances are strained. Finding new investors will be next to impossible but a new company can collaborate with mid-size/large size entities, share and transfer expertise, plan and built a strategy for post Covid -19 recovery.


Identify : The slowdown has allowed you to reflect on your actions, consider this as a chance to eliminate your weakness. Identify and list out your future goals so that you are ready to start on a fresh note.


Native : Support local business, shops, service providers, brands and buy native products. Small traders form a large part of the economy and cash flows at the bottom of pyramid will strengthen the fundamentals of the value change and set the engine in motion.


Growth : Sooner or later, things will be back on track. Business will grow, Jobs will be created, Markets will flourish, Economies will rise, human society will prosper and this time hopefully in a sustainable way. An exciting life is around the corner; you just have to look at ‘Social Distancing‘ from a different lens.


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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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