Never in my life I had imagined that human society will face such unprecedented time. And never had I anticipated to receive a massive outburst of bad news from almost all quarters of the globe.

Gradually, the situation is beginning to drown us in depression, anxiety, frustration and making us vulnerable as we live in high degree of uncertainty and isolation. So how do we keep ourselves motivated?

Many of you may have found ways to stay positive and I laud your efforts for it as you are able to look after yourself. Self-care and safety at this critical juncture is a priority for every citizen and governments expect us to remain fit – mentally and physically. Any increment in count of patients will further the strain on our health care systems which are overwhelmed with corona virus cases. Hence, we better stay at home and engage ourselves in constructive activities.

Like everyone, am too undergoing the same trauma and striving to stay optimistic. My day involves doing house chores, reading and writing with occasional bursts of TV viewing.

As quoted by Roy T. Bennett, an author and a positive thinker “Life becomes more beautiful when we can see the good in other people”. This inspired me to look around and I came across Dr. Anuprita Daddi, a cyclist, a mother and a consulting physician affiliated with Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.

A day-in-life of Dr. Anuprita is contrastingly different compared to general citizens as she continues to attend work and treat patients in this lockdown period. Every morning, Dr. Anuprita picks up her bag, wears a mask, a helmet and cycles for 15 kms to reach the hospital while her concerned family lives in fear through the day awaiting her safe return.


In a telephonic chat I asked her what she’s going through and she explained “I have been cycling to work for almost 5 years and have braved instances of rough weather and seen extreme monsoons bringing public transportation to a halt, but the current crises are unparalleled. Corona virus has brought the nation to a standstill. Thanks to my bicycle use for cycle to work”.

“As Covid-19 proliferates, almost half of the world’s population is under some form of restricted movement. In a bid to slow the spread of corona virus, people must stay home, aside from strictly limited essential trips. We all need to comply with restrictions to bring this life-threatening virus under control” she said.

“Even in a pandemic, I am required to travel and maintain social distancing and using a bicycle for personal mobility negates the possibilities of surface contacts that could occur in public transport and it helps me stay safe” she added.


Citing global examples of surge in cycling and quick responses by the governments she concluded “Places like New York, Mexico City and Bogota are building temporary cycle ways to enable essential journeys, I hope Mumbai follows suit”.

Dr. Anuprita and many warriors like her are risking their lives to keep us safe. Join me in saluting all the professionals in health care, government staff, grocery stores, police, waste management, media and all sectors who are fronting the crises and putting ‘Nation First’.

“Tough times never last. Tough people do” – Robert Schuller.



Photos by Dr. Anuprita


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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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