The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi yesterday announced a complete lockdown of the country for 21 days to break the chain of corona virus and flatten the curve.

In adherence to the guidelines issued by the government, app based Public Bike Share companies MYBYK, Chartered Bike and Smart Bike have shut operations until further directives of the authorities.

“As members of the thriving community, we want to ensure every MYBYKers’ safety. In support of governments efforts to control the spread of Covid-19, we are closing our services” the official handle @MYBYKINDIA tweeted.

Source: MYBYK

Goa based start-up BLive – India’s first EV Tourism initiative which offers guided tours on e-cycles in multiple cities declared interim closure of its services for public safety and keep social distancing.

Yulu bikes a Bangalore based tech driven micro mobility solution provider on Tuesday announced on its website “Owing to Covid-19 pandemic, Yulu services will be unavailable in order to reduce the impact of corona virus transmission and keep you safe”

The services will be shut across six cities – Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Bhubaneswar.

However, Yulu also notified the availability of ‘Yulu Prive’ an exclusive mobility solution for people engaged in providing essential services.

“While we have suspended our primary services across the country to curb the spread of Covid-19, we want to make commuting as safe as possible for the unsung heroes who don’t have the option of staying at home during this lockdown – the ones who are delivering essential items to homes, working in sectors considered essential services or taking care of loved ones in hospitals. Hence, we’re introducing an exclusive service called Yulu Prive, which lets you make nonstop use of Yulu Miracle” the notification stated.

‘Personal Miracle’ rental service is limited only in Bangalore and can be booked using this link – Yulu Prive

Source: Yulu


Cover image: Smart Bike




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