I remember when I was thinking about naming this blog, there were two options that I shortlisted. ‘Spokes and Saddle’ and the other one was Pedal and Tring Tring. In consultation with my friends, I became sure that Pedal and Tring Tring will be a good brand name. And now after so many years it is established that I made the right choice.

I was also cautioned by a few friends that since it’s primarily a cycling blog, names that incorporate the words ‘Cycle’ or ‘Bicycle’ or ‘Cycling’ would work better and are SEO friendly. While some were of the views that I am writing for humans and not machines which gave me confidence to finalize Pedal and Tring Tring as the brand name for this website.

What makes this name so special?

‘Pedal and Tring Tring’ is a name often used to describe the sound of a bicycle bell and I am fond of bells as a creative and safety equipment.

The ‘pedal’ refers to the action of pedaling the bike, while the ‘tring tring’ is the sound of the bell being rung. Both signify forward movement in life. The phrase is often used in a playful or nostalgic way, evoking memories of childhood or simpler times. The childhood connection is very meaningful which makes Pedal and Tring Tring stand out from the rest.

The bell is an important safety feature on a bicycle and often used to alert pedestrians and other road users. It’s the sweetest way of communicating one’s arrival and it gives me joy ringing the bell.

There are various types of bicycle bells that give different kinds of sounds such as ‘ping’, ‘ding’, ‘bong’ etc. However, the sound that most people are familiar with is ‘tring tring’, and it is the sound that is most likely to be understood by others.

I love this bell in the below picture bought from the Netherlands. What is your view about bicycle bells, and does it excite you?

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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