You & Me is a collection of poems mostly written during the COVID-19 pandemic by Kanishka Poddar.

Kanishka is a cyclist, Bicycle Mayor of Ranchi, a traveler and a writer who publishes his work on

Poetry is a form of art that evokes emotions. Poetries are thoughts arranged in a lyrical form and transports the reader to a different world.

“Painting is poetry that is rather seen than felt, and poetry is a painting that is felt rather seen” -Leonardo da Vinci

You & Me is an expression of the author’s feelings and observations discussing the impact of lockdown on humans and nature.

The book gives an author’s perspective for the places he has travelled, moments he has witnessed and people he has met.

As a touring cyclist, Kanishka is closely connected to nature and that reflects very sharply in his poems.

I wrote a few lines dedicated to the author and his bicycle –

Together with a bicycle!
A bicycle is the best company one can have,
It’s a bag full of experiences,
Year-round fun and entertainment,
Roads are limitless for a curious cyclist,
Every voyage is unique and fulfilling,
The journey collects stories on the way,
And each story is an inspiring wealth of nature,
A bicycle is freedom,
A bicycle is life beyond imagination,
Only those who ride a bicycle can understand,
That my thoughts are not an exaggeration,
They are raw, real and sublime,
Together with a bicycle you and me are not alone,
The world is with us.

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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