When it moves, it’s a symbol of progression,
When it stops, it signifies control.
When it moves, it eliminates differences,
When it stops, it prepares you for the next challenge.
When it moves, there is satisfaction,
When it stops, there is hope.
When it moves, the roads are limitless,
When it stops, nature welcomes you.
When it moves, goals are achieved,
When it stops, there are opportunities ahead of you.
When it moves, stories are told,
When it stops, the stories draw inspiration.
When it moves, destinations change,
When it stops, the arrival is celebrated.
When it moves, the lungs exercise,
When it stops, you breathe fresh air.
When it moves, there is work in progress,
When it stops, livelihoods are met.
When it moves, relationships thrive,
When it stops, there is cultural exchange.
When it moves, there is a purpose,
When it stops, it adds meaning to life.
When it moves, there is joy,
When it stops, there is fulfillment.
Bicycles are the wheels of happiness.

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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