A Midlife Cyclist is written by Rachel Ann Cullen. The book is about Rachel’s cycling journey to heal a broken mind and find joy.

A Midlife Cyclist is a tale of two wheels across the Yorkshire Dales, Vietnam, Costa Rica and beyond, and a rider in search of peace.

The book is an honest confession about Rachel’s struggle with body dysmorphic disorder and the pain she took to overcome her poor mental health condition.

In the beginning, running helped Rachel gain mental strength and she thought she was healing fine. But her depression kept increasing, she tried to come out of it by winning races and collecting medals at Marathons.

But when an injury stopped her running activities, and her constant battle with her inner self progressed, Rachel realized what she is really going through. As body dysmorphia began to grip her fast, she knew she had to find a solution to fight her mental health demons for the sake of her own sanity.

So, she reached out to her storage area, brought out her old bicycle, and started pedalling. Initially she struggled to cycle but gradually she learnt the tricks and advanced into a confident rider.

Cycling helped her gain mental strength and eliminate all her anxieties.

Rachel worked hard to transform her situation and continues with her running and cycling activities.

A Midlife Cyclist is the 3rd book written by Rachel, the other two being ‘Running For My Life’ and ‘Running For Our Lives’.

All the three books are available on Amazon.

I enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to all the cycling lovers and people seeking inspiration through sports.

If you would like to suggest me a book on cycling that I must read, please leave the name of the book and the author in the comment section and I will try get my hands on it.

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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