One morning during my interaction with Alan – a cycling buddy, I was informed that he is totally dissatisfied with his new bicycle. He ended up using a rented bicycle despite owning one.

Perhaps he was sold a wrong model or a design. Or to be fare to the seller, Alan did not do a proper market research which could have allowed him with better choices and saved him from the hassles of riding the incorrect bicycle.

Within three months, Alan had to replace his bicycle for a more comfortable one. His case is one of many in the globe who end up making a wrong choice due to lack of knowledge and awareness about the types of bicycles available in the market. This is a typical scenario especially, when you are grown up in a non-cycling city.

Bicycles do have limitations and are designed for specific applications. One has to be clear of his/her needs and accordingly pick-one. It may appear a lot of science on the first go but a little time and patience can easily clear the doubts.

A lot of material is available online which can aid in the buying process. Alternatively, it is also a good idea to visit a few local brick-and-mortar shops and speak to the experts.

No matter what method you prefer to adopt, it is always a good idea to bring home the right bicycle that you will love to ride for years to come.

Personally, I have found the Dutch Bicycles to be the most practical in the world. They are gender neutral and built-to-last. Designed to perform in all kinds of weather conditions and almost maintenance free.

In Dutch language they are popularly called as ‘Oma Fietsor grandma’s bike . The omafiets is a national icon and even ridden by the Dutch Royal Family including the Prime Minister.

The look of the omafiets has barely changed since the 19th century and are still often seen cruising along the canals of Amsterdam and other Dutch cities. These timeless beauties are manufactured with a classic appearance using modern technology.

No wonder every Dutch citizen commands the respect for his/her exceptional ability to use bicycles as a premier mode of transportation. And off-course, the omafiets are complemented with a great cycling infrastructure.

Still in doubt why the Dutch bicycles are the best?

Watch this video by Not Just Bikes which explains the practical side of the upright Dutch Bicycles. This educative video is also good to resolve doubts of people wanting to acquire a new commuter/city bicycle.

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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