Ace Tennis Player Rafael Nadal from Spain adds cycling to his fitness routine with a new custom built bicycle. Mondraker, an independent Spanish Brand Specializing in Mountain Bikes said in a press statement ‘The best tennis player our country has ever had and one of the best players in tennis history, Rafael Nadal, will from now on be using a completely personalized Mondraker F-Podium DC RR to aid in his training, disconnect from the intensity of competition and enjoy our sport’.

Mondraker is tremendously proud to announce that Rafael Nadal, the best Spanish tennis player in history, will be joining our family. Rafa’s values are at our core: simplicity, humility, respect and work.

Human values that have carried him to the very top of the World Tennis Tour and which have meant that he’s now considered to be one of the best sportsmen our country has ever produced.

Those same values are the ones that we at Mondraker work with day to day and which we can totally identify with; and that more than anything makes us prouder than ever that Nadal will be using one of our most emblematic bikes: the F-Podium.

Fully Personalized High-Performance Bicycle:

Considered to be the best clay court player in history and winner of 20 Grand Slam titles and 2 Olympic Gold medals (2008 in Beijing and 2016 in Rio de Janeiro) among many other victories, Nadal is a great lover of sports in general and cycling in particular as it offers him a vent from the grueling calendar of competitions.

That’s why he’s delighted to have received an exclusive F-Podium DC RR with fully customized colors which he feels identify him. Nadal´s technical team will also be on F-Podiums, so Rafa will be on equal terms whenever he gets the chance to enjoy his special Mondraker in their company.

As well as the customized bike’s colour, Rafa’s F-Podium DC RR features interesting custom details such as the inscription “Vamos Rafa!” on the left chainstay; the Nike swoosh with the Mallorcan tennis player’s bull logo; or the Babolat racket tape we’ve used instead of conventional grips.

The President of Mondraker, Paco Sánchez, as well as Miguel Pina (CEO) and Yuriy Tomas – Marketing Manager, travelled to the city of Manacor, Rafa’s hometown and residence to deliver the bikes. Nadal was at all times very approachable and delighted with his bike, and said:

“It was a huge surprise to see my racket’s colours on my new bike, my Bull logo on the top tube and many more details that this Mondraker has. I was thrilled. It’s definitely going to be a good riding companion around Mallorca” – Rafael Nadal.

Paco Sánchez – President of Mondraker, commented that “it has been an unforgettable day; we have felt very welcomed by Rafa and his team. I hope he enjoys the bike very much and has a great time with it”.

On the other hand, Miguel Pina – Mondraker CEO, also said: “We are proud that a worldwide reference like Rafa Nadal has placed his trust in Mondraker. We so much identify with the values he represents and for us it is an honor to ride alongside him and his great team”.

Once again, we are very very excited to have an athlete from the sports elite such as Rafa Nadal teaming up with us, someone who has given us so much joy and who we are sure will continue to do so. From now on, and more than ever before, we can cheer him on when we see him riding up a hill with a “Vamos Rafa!!”

Source and Photo credits: Mondraker

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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