Avon Cycles Ltd., one of India’s leading bicycle manufacturing company has launched its first-ever series of electric cycles, CYCLELEC with its first two models being CONNECT I and CONNECT II.

The past year has revolutionized the conventional Indian cycle, giving it more weightage amongst the premium segment to fulfill a range of needs including exercise, safe commuting, and healthy recreation. Even non-athletic people have taken up the challenge to indulge in cycling escapades and commuting for errands.

However, many are still hesitant to join the cycling revolution due to a lack of confidence in their stamina and strength. An electric cycle is an effective solution to help people ride beyond their body limits.

CYCLELEC allows people to ride in 3 modes Pedalec, Throttle, and PAS Pedalec, thus giving them the power to keep cycling effortlessly on the Throttle mode even after they’ve exhausted their stamina.

CYCLELEC comes with a Li-Ion 36V BATTERY with 5.8Ah, IP67 protection and 2 Years Warranty. It has a 36V/250W Motor embedded in its rear wheel. It has a Digital Speedometer that gives the user various statistics including Average Speed, Maximum Speed, Speed Tendency, Trip Meter, Trip Timer, Calories, and Fat Burned.

A one-time charge of 4 hours enables the rider to ride for 30Kms in PAS Pedalec mode and 25Kms in Throttle mode.

Mr. Omkar Singh Pahwa briefing the press. Photo: Avon Cycles.

“CYCLELEC will be a benchmark in the Indian cycling industry, leading the shift to electric cycles in India,” quoted Omkar Singh Pahwa, CMD, Avon Cycles.

Post COVID-19, commuting pattern has changed as people are opting for safer, convenient and affordable alternatives to public transport. According to industry experts, as cities emerge from quarantine rules and social distancing guidelines, e-bikes are gaining preference for day-to-day transportation.

The European cycling industry associations has already predicted e-bike market to expand from 3.7mn e-bikes sold in 2019 to 17mn e-bikes in 2030.

“Electric Vehicles are not just a passing fad. They are headed to entirely capture the global vehicle industry. Electric is the energy of the future and that future is already here,” quoted Rishi Pahwa, JMD, Avon Cycles.

The journey of Avon Cycles was started in the year 1952 when the first batch of bicycles was rolled out from its manufacturing unit in Ludhiana at a congenial and economical price of Rs. 100. Avon is currently the third-largest player in the Indian bicycle industry holding a market share of 15% by churning out 2.5 million bicycles every year sold through a network of 1500 channel partners across the country. The brand became global in the year 1965 by initiating exports to Afghanistan and currently, it has a strong market presence in Africa, Sri Lanka, and some parts of Europe. Avon currently has a range of more than 150 models in kids, young trainers, adults, and roadster segments.

“The year 2020 saw a tremendous growth in the sales of Avon Cycles and we’re expecting a bigger surge with the launch of CYCLELEC,” quoted Mandeep Pahwa, ED, Avon Cycles.

Cyclelec is a result of cutting-edge technology and advancements in the manufacturing process. It is geared to add a refreshing approach to the ongoing cycle #pawri (party).

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Source: Avon Cycles

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