Errrrrrrrrrrr….. Smash! Escaped. After the day’s work, a mosquito buzzed next to my ear when I went to bed. I attacked the intruder with full force, missing the target in the dark, only to smash my face making cheeks red.

Cut – 2, and the micro insect took another flight passing my eardrums, producing sounds like those emitted by naval aircraft in an airshow. As opposed, I was the only guest at the venue, ‘displeased’ with a clear intent to bring it down.

Like a soldier standing on the border guarding its national interest, I stayed alert, flexing my eyelids with the moonlight sneaking inside through the window glass, and into my throat as I yawned. The enemy was intelligent and kept tricking me, while the clock, with its ticking sound, reminded me of time.

Provoked and angry, when I felt I had enough, I declared a war against the challenger and resorted to using a biochemical weapon. I loaded the liquid-repellent into the electrical gadget – like how a cannonball is loaded into a pounder gun; and switched it on, pulling the quilt over my body for a peaceful sleep – the end.

The high-frequency sounds that a mosquito makes by beating its wings are annoying and disrupt the room’s quietness – converting a ‘bedroom’ into a ‘war-room’.

Now, imagine yourself on the road sitting in the driver’s seat and honking recklessly. This role-reversal action disturbs the area’s order and irritates thousands of citizens, and even animals and birds. And when it is scaled-up with too-many drivers duplicating this action randomly, the situation gets unbearable.

Nevertheless, none of the civilian wages wars against you and me, other than mild penalties we are bound to accept by law.

In our minds, impatience has to make way for calmness. Restlessness is a self-induced state as we are always in a hurry, and is it worth the consequences?

How to meditate while driving?

By keeping your eyes open and senses activated.

While there are different approaches to meditation and best achieved with a master around, one can still practice Mindfulness meditation on their own.

Drivers tend to get distracted and as a consequence, react by honking, with verbal and physical gestures. Good drivers are those who are conscious and in control of their state of mind. This awareness helps them to stay focused without getting affected by external stimuli.

Make driving a spiritual journey for yourself. Awaken the ‘Monk’ within you, instead of waiting for a crisis to strike that will make you sell your Ferrari. Although, a wholesome transformation will be far better for the person and the society, at what cost one has to decide.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva explained very well in the following video ‘Why meditation works for some, and not for others’.

Drawing learning’s from his talk, I can conclude ‘Silence’ is a consequence. If we cultivate our body, mind, emotions and energy at a certain level of maturity, we can become meditative. Anyhow, the process is essential and should be followed.

Drive slow, drive safe, stop noise pollution.

Cover image: Elviss Railijs Bitans

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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