I first heard Jonas Deichmann, an ultra-cyclist and extreme adventurer speak at the ‘Digital World Bike’ virtual cycling conference held in 2020 during the global shutdown. And just few days ago, he posted an update on his facebook page ‘Jonas Deichmann Adventures’ about his appointment as the new brand ambassador for ‘meetyoo conferencing’, the same digital events company which had organised Digital World Bike. That’s a remarkable progress!

I congratulated Jonas for his achievements, and had the privilege to do a virtual interview with him last year ‘In Conversation With Jonas Deichmann’.

In that chat, he spoke about his epic journey ‘Cape To Cape’ – the challenge he took in 2019, riding unsupported from Cape North in Norway to Cape Town in South Africa. Jonas completed the 18000 km long journey in 72 days and spent about 800 hrs on the saddle, making him a world record holder for the athlete having completed all the three big continental crossings.

And now finally, Jonas is ready with his documentary film ‘Cape To Cape’ with ‘Cycled Media Productions’ available exclusively on Vimeo from 28th January 2021, 2 pm onwards.

About the film:

“If you find a new part of the body that is in pain and you make a story out of it, than you are looking for it” – Jonas Diechmann.

For me, this dialogue was the highlight of the realistic documentary. The film makes an honest revelation of two contrasting characters with completely different mindsets in pursuit of a unified goal. One breaks, another makes it!

Philipp Hympendahl, a professional photographer who accompanied Jonas in the challenge withdraws midway due to his dwindling health condition.

Of the two, Jonas turns out to be a more determined guy willing to take-on the challenges irrespective of the endless hurdles he faces. Freezing cold and rains in Russia, the heat in remote merciless desserts, and neither the border crossing issues could dent his morale.

The film is well edited, with raw and soothing background music and progresses with a practical narrative by Jonas and Phillip of what they went through in the course of the journey.

Even for a viewer whose from a non-cycling background, there are vital management lessons to be learnt – about decision making, self-belief, handling set-backs and how to remain focused on the target. All of these qualities are strongly visible in Jonas, and which is why he works as a motivational speaker for companies.

“On a short ride your physics are off-course incredibly important but longer it gets, the more it becomes the mindset. In the end all that matters is mindsets” – Jonas Diechmann.

While I may never take up such a challenge in my lifetime, I am more happy to experience such incredible stories of other professional athletes.

The film is in English with subtitles in German and a run time of 1 hr 12 minutes. I am grateful to Jonas for inviting me for a preview of this enthralling documentary, and recommend everyone in my network to watch it.

Watch the Movie: Cape To Cape

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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