16th January 2021 will go down as an important date in the History of India for two big developments that emerged prominently. Firstly, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) rolled out its vaccination drive for corona virus. And Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) inaugurated a Public Bicycle rental service for Mumbaikars.

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MyByk, is an Ahmadabad based public bicycle sharing company that has formally partnered with Mumbai Metro to provide bicycle rental services. After a successful stint in Ahmadabad city, the boot-strap company is next focusing on expanding its services in Mumbai, Rajkot and Kochi.

Outside Versova Metro Station, Mumbai.

Begining 16th January 2021, MyByk rental service gets activated at the Versova metro station. Subsequently, the services will be available all across eight metro stations by February.

On this ceremonial occasion, Arjit Soni, Founder MyByk commented “After hitting a roadblock due to COVID, we are happy to resume the pilot and expand it to eight more stations starting with Versova (remaining stations to become operational in a couple of weeks after securing necessary permissions). With social distancing being the norm, increased importance for ones health, staggered office days and timings, there couldn’t be a more opportune time to initiate this pilot and I am sure Mumbaikars will adopt it whole-heartedly”

Arjit on left with Mr. R.A. Rajeev.

Like most other cities around the world, Mumbai too has seen a huge surge in cycling activity in the last eight months or so. Most retailers and shop owners are sold out on inventory and striving to deliver orders to the customers who have made advance bookings. Even though there is continues traction in this category, the cycling trend is skewed towards recreational and fitness space and less on the commute front.

“With the vaccination drive commencing today, and as offices start planning to resume gradually, I urge citizens to combine their Metro trips with bicycling” said Mr. R.A. Rajeev, IAS, Metropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA.

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“Cycling is safe from a social distancing point of view and beneficial even otherwise. Car drivers on the contrary gets more cautious of hitting a cyclist. The larger the number of cyclists get on the road, the better it would be for our cities. So, everyone should cycle without worry and claim their right of road space” he further stated.

Smart Travel:

Commuters can now get of a metro station and hop on a MyByk. Through a mobile app, simply unlock the bike and ride to your destination.

“While Metro takes care of ‘B-C’, the bicycle fills in the ‘A-B’ and ‘C-D’ part of the commute phase. A passenger can hire a MyByk at a nominal cost, take it home; and come back the next morning to the Metro station” explained Arjit Soni.

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Renting this bicycle will cost you merely Rs. 2 per hour. Users can also avail the rental schemes by opting for a weekly or a monthly plans.

MyByk fleet is a GPS enabled hybrid bike that comes with step-through frame and has a basket attached for utility.

A unisex bike, ideal for city commuting that resolves last mile connectivity. No need to chase the pricey rickshawala’s anymore, download the MyByk app from google play store and be a ‘Smart Traveler.

Important Note:

Please be informed that only a folding bicycle that weighs 15 kgs or less, and that can pass through the security check-point at the metro station will be allowed inside the train. A passenger is required to confirm the feasibility of carrying his/her folding bicycle at the ticket counter, especially during the peak hours. Some of the photos in this blog are for representation purpose only, and taken with permission from the Mumbai metro security.

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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