Cycling in Mumbai City has picked up momentum as more people are seen taking advantage of the empty streets.

If you are determined to make cycling a lifestyle, then this is the right time to quit your inhibitions and commit yourself into urban biking culture.

Renewed interest in cycling has set-off at the back of the new guidelines released by the Maharashtra State Government. The recent directives implemented from 8th June onward’s permits citizens to do physical exercises in public places like parks, beaches, play grounds, promenades etc. Walking, Jogging, Running, Cycling and Work-Outs are allowed between 5 am to 7 pm but not in groups.

Planning to buy a Bike:

You might not want to miss out on this golden opportunity of feeling the winds in your hair while you cruise along the car-free roads.

In this article, we look at the latest product line of Jamis Bikes from USA, distributed and marketed in India by Byk India.

About Jamis Bikes:

The journey of Jamis Bikes began in 1939 when it’s founder George Joannou decided to import bicycles into US from UK and subsequently from France, Japan and Taiwan.

In 1979, Jamis introduced its 1st design ‘Earth Cruiser’, a fun and fashion bike, and the ‘Classic’ machine has now become synonymous with beach goers.

Over the period, Jamis introduced several models patented with revolutionary technology that caught the crowd’s attention, and won many awards from the industry groups.

Today, Jamis Bikes is headed by Carine Joannou, President and CEO and available in over 52 countries. The illustrious brand sells bikes built for Mountain Riding, Road Cycling, Street Cycling, Adventure, for the Youth and Recreational purposes.

Jamis Range of City Bikes for Beginners and Amateur Riders:

Jamis Allegro Series:

‘Allegro’ means quick and lively and that’s precisely what the bike feels on the road. It’s a lightweight street Hybrid, that comes in Size Specific Design aluminium frame with internal cable routing. It has reliable disc brakes mounted on the Hi-Ten straight blade unicorn rigid fork. Puncture resistant Kenda tyres with Shimano 8-speed Acera group set.

Jamis Allegro A2

The Jamis aluminium flat handle bar on the Allegro gives you a relaxed heads-up riding position that many people prefer. The Allegro is fitted with alloy micro-adjust seatpost with Touring SL cover saddle that makes you feel good on the sweet spot.

The Allegro series is all about fun with fitness and sure to take you in the clouds.

Colors: Blue and Nickel.

Variants: Jamis Allegro A2, Jamis Allegro A2 for Women and Jamis Allegro A3.

Price: Starts from INR 30,000 and upwards.

Jamis Citizen Series:

Citizens series is for the evolved audience who seek extreme comfort in bike mobility. Citizens sleek aluminium frame comes with sloping design for men’s, step through frame for ladies allowing easy mounting and dismounting. Typically, new and returning riders often complain of discomfort in neck, wrists and back while leaning in the forward position. The ride position in Citizen easily mitigates the forward lean with its sweep back hi-rise handle bars and angle-adjustable stem for a wide range of custom adaptation providing a natural upright posture.

Test riding Jamis Citizen 3

Another prominent feature of Citizen series is the Saddle with extra memory foam padding fixed onto the elastomer springs that helps absorb road vibrations. The exceptional high quality polyurethane padding eliminates probability of saddle sores so you can skip those padded shorts.

The Citizen series comes with SR/Suntour suspension and hydraulic lockout. It gets you rolling with CST platinum performance tyres with reflective safety stripes. Citizen Series is an 8-Speed geared bike and uses Shimano Acera group set.

Jamis Citizen 3

The Citizen is ideal for new cyclists to get around with zero emission. So be assured, there is no better way to be a good Citizen.

Colors: Blue and Silver.

Variants: Jamis Citizen 1, Jamis Citizen 2 and Jamis Citizen 3.

Price: Starts from INR 30,000 and upwards.

Jamis Durango Series:

Durango is an entry level hardtail Sports Mountain Bike. The 29” ner super solid bike is conceived for those seeking adventure and thrill, and packs a punch with its performance features. The Durango frame comes with a sloping top tube giving you additional clearance in standing position thereby increases the aesthetic value. As a perquisite in a Mountain bike, the over-sized bottom tube and head tube offers plenty of toughness for those unpredictable terrains.

Jamis Durango A1

Some of its key features include over-sized seat tube, hydraulic speed lock out adjusts, external preload adjustor, alloy 6-bolt disc hubs and nickel-plated spokes.

The tyres are as critical as the frame in any Hardtail bike, considering the pounding it goes through in the rush of blood. Jamis uses CST Patrol tyres known to deliver supreme performance. Technically speaking, the elevated centre knobs roll fast delivering the bite you need for tough climbs. Laid out in an aggressive stance, the shoulder knobs ensure you manage those extreme turns with precision.

Efficient for off-roading and riding in the city, the Durango proves that a good performance bike need not always be expensive.

Colors: Red and Yellow.

Variants: Jamis Durango A1, Jamis Durango 2.

Price: Starts from INR 34,000 and upwards.

Jamis DXT Series:

Jamis DXT is a Dual-Sport beefed up version of Allegro fitness bikes and meant for those who like to get access to more riding areas. The DXT hybrid suspension bikes are capable to take-on steeper hills and tough terrains. The bike comes with CST Dual sport tyres for faster sailing on paved and unpaved surfaces.

Jamis DXT A2

The aluminium Size Specific Design frame commands appreciation for its rear triangle design. The DXT A2 and A3 has low top tube clearance that gives extra room and a quick step through design in Women’s version which is DXT A3.

What makes DXT models more versatile is the ability to lock the suspension when you are cycling on smooth roads. This feature gives the rider better control and stability by eliminating unnecessary movement of the fork.

The DXT is configured with Shimano shifters, Shimano front and rear derailleurs, Shimano cranksets and Shimano cassettes.

Rain or shine, short and quick spins or long rides, with a Jamis DXT you can go free and easy, far and wide.

Colors: Silver, Nickel and Blue.

Variants: Jamis DXT A2, Jamis DXT A3, Jamis DXT A3 Femme

Price: Starts from INR 36,000 and upwards.

Where can you learn more about Jamis Bikes?

Visit the website:

For telephonic inquiry contact: Laique Ahmed +91 9920707063

From where to Buy?

Walk-in to the flagship outlets:


Bykindia Bandra, Mumbai.

Darvesh Royale, Shop no. 3, Turner Road Bandra West, opposite Kotak Mahindra Bank, Mumbai – 400054..

Bykindia Nashik.

Shop No 1, Plot no 56, Thatewadi College Road, Opposite KFC, Nashik Road – 422005.

Photo credits: BykIndia

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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  1. I have not drivin a bike some years..But when i decided to start riding again I looked all sort of bike..I never listen to what people tell me..why i say that is because i rather find out on my own..Sale tell you any thing just to get you to my..Not all but 70 percent of them..I would have to say you you alone can decide what best for you..I decide if I was going to pay good money on a bike I would determine what bike I would be good with..Yes there are many bike out there..But i don’t see my spending 2500 foe a bike..but a gain i want a good bime and my chose was Jamas..Love ran me 500 an some change..well worth it..Love every tbing about this bike..Thank You Jamis..Great bike all in one..

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