I read an interesting story on the internet about how people in the Solomon Islands bring down a tree. If a tree is too big to get axed, the villagers come together and collectively scream on top of their voices to topple it.

The native islanders curse the tree every day for 30 days.

The hypothesis says “Yelling kills the spirit of the tree”.

The constant cursing weakens the life energy and ultimately the tree dies and falls to the ground.

In reality, is it possible?

I have never yelled at a tree nor seen any one doing it. Hence, I am unsure if it is factually correct.

But this practice certainly works on humans, especially on children.

In 2007, a Hindi film titled “Taare Zameen Par” reflects a similar story, an 8-year-old boy regularly receives criticism from his teachers and parents, who disregard his imagination, creativity and talent for art.

I am sharing the 2 examples in this blog to sensitize you about the implications of negative communication.

Repeated claims of an idea or a thought has a tendency to get absorbed in the society.

It wipes off the true potential and the identity.

Since last few years, a message is in circulation on social media which says “CYCLING IS BAD FOR THE ECONOMY”

Claimed to be quoted by Sanjay Thakrar, CEO at Euro Exim Bank the message reads –

Sanjay Thakrar, CEO at Euro Exim Bank Ltd. Got economist’s thinking when he said:

A cyclist is a disaster for the country’s economy

He does not buy the car & does not take car loan
Does not buy car insurance
Does not buy Fuel
Does not send his car for servicing & repairs
Does not use paid Parking
Does not become Obese
Yes,…..and well, damn it !! Healthy people are not needed for economy.
They do not buy drugs. They do not go to Hospitals & Doctors.
They add nothing to country’s GDP.
On the contrary, every new McDonald outlet creates at least 30 jobs – 10 Cardiologists, 10 Dentists, 10 weight loss experts apart from people working in McDonald outlet.

Choose wisely: A Cyclist or a McDonald? Worth thinking about.
PS: walking is even worse. they do not even buy a bicycle.

cycling is bad


Verified by a site, the news verification portal concluded “The message shared on social media since 2018 is fake and there is no CEO like Sanjay Thakrar”.

The Managing Director and CEO of Exim Bank India is Mr. David Rasquinha, he is working with Exim Bank since 1984-85, I checked his profile on the bank website.

Likewise, Mr. Kaushik Punjani is the Chairman and board member of Euro Exim Bank UK, clearly mentioned on the website.

My assumption is, the creator of this fake news must be an ex-service industry professional working in automobile industry.

If you closely read the 1st five pointers highlighted in red color, it defends the auto industry; urging you to buy a car, spend your life savings on paying EMI’s, Insurance premiums, Fuel charges, Parking fees and on and off keep visiting the servicing garage/stations.

The text highlighted in blue wants you to eat junk food, fall sick, and get admitted to a hospital.

The attempt to paint ‘Cycling’ with a black shade is nothing but a Sarcastic gibe.

It might appear to be a comment full of humor, but it overwhelms the reader influencing his thinking.

I urge everyone, whether you like cycling or not, Stop Spreading Fake News!

In fact, you have real news which you can share.


A study by says: 

  • “A global shift to increased cycling and electric biking could cut energy use and carbon dioxide emissions from urban transportation by up to 10 percent by 2050 and the society could save more than $24 trillion”.

A study by TERI claims:

  • If bicycles substitute two wheelers and four wheelers for short distance trips, it can result in an annual benefit of INR 1.8 trillion, equivalent to 1.6% of India’s annual GDP for 2015-16.
  • India can make fuel savings worth INR 27 billion if half of its trips are done on a bicycle.
  • If 50% of trips happens on a bicycle, it can improve air quality with estimated savings of INR 241 billion.
  • If half of all trips under 8 kms are done through cycling, it can result in energy savings of 0.35 million tonnes.
  • A 50% substitution of work trips undertaken by cars and two-wheelers under the average distance of 8 km can reduce annual CO2 emissions by 1 million tonnes.
  • Large-scale substitution of motorized private transport by cycling can reduce noise pollution, improve road safety and provide recreational value to users.
  • 75% of substitution of cycling trips can save an average of 26 man hours for an individual in a year.

Hold on, don’t be impressed with the above statements.

Just like you were forwarding the fake news, you must now talk about the TRUE FACTS and communicate them widely in the public domain. We have to do this collectively.

To get into action, am giving you the ammunition, a 60 second video which will help us win the battle and establish a strong perception for Cycling.

Remember the tree story – Together, we have to keep firing the positive communication daily for 30 days in order to bring down the negative perception and replace it with a positive outlook.

Let Cycling be the New Normal.

Switch On with Cycling!

Watch this video:

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


  1. Yes. True indeed!! Cycling helps economy at present and will benefit in the longer run too. This article was very much needed during times of rapid fake news circulation. Nice article bro!!

  2. Nice article…. society will see the benefits of regular cycling slowly. The change will not happen so fast

    1. Thanks for reading and your comment. You have a nice website, custom bikes are more personalized. Followed you on instagram and facebook.

  3. Good morning. Although the news of “Cycling is bad for the economy” is fake, I think you are missing the point when you don’t take into consideration the sarcasm in the fake announcement. I believe the idea of it is to show us HOW MUCH WE CAN SAVE AND GAIN when we use a bicycle instead of a car. I might be wrong but, for me, it is a no-brainer choice between saving money/being healthy and spend money and get sick.

    Thank you for reading. Have a great day. Blessings…

    Nelson Paulino

  4. A bike also needs repairs and maintenance.
    That the owner of a bike does not buy fuel saves on future expenses due to the harmful effects of pollution.
    For a bike you can also take out insurance.
    You could even ask for a credit to buy a bike because there are very expensive ones like those sold by the brands Orbea, Specialized, Trek, Bianchi, Pinarello, Montante, Cervélo, BMC, PG, Audi, BMW …
    Cyclists can also pay for parking just as there are those who pay to rent bikes.

    Greetings from Spain.

  5. I think the Exim Bank guy quote is a great comment on society even if it is fake. As a vegan, I believe the planet has been decimated by the meat and dairy industry as well as being terrible for human health, zoonotic diseases not withstanding.

  6. I thought the original was actually a pro-cycling spoof. The economic arguments are so ludicrous that they had to be an attempt at humour. The only surprising thing is that the fast-food company did not get this message shut down at once. Every fast food outlet causes 10 cardiologists to be employed! It may be true but …

  7. The piece is meant to be satire. It’s telling the reader how good cycling is for you. In a satirical way.

  8. Thanks for providing overall information about cycling is good for the economy but the e-cycle is more economic than the normal cycle.

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