No one is stronger at this point.

The invisible organisms have overpowered the mighty ego of the human race who so far ruled the planet.

Humanity has surrendered to an enemy who is strong, capable and is moving fast.

Our strength lies in being weak and taking a pause.

Weakening our contact with others, weakening our urges to move out, weaken the temptation to spread unverified information and weaken the negative thoughts.

If we are able to defeat our routine habits we are sure to find the victory ground.

Let us switch onto a passive mode, isolate and refrain to flatten the curve.

There is always an hidden opportunity even in adversity.

Utilize this time to re-energize, up-skill, talk and bring out our creative side.

Bravery is not in stepping out, but we are brave if we quarantine.

None of us should be complacent and none should take undue risk.

Following this period of darkness, we hope to see a blissful sunshine.

If science has no answer, let us reply by breaking the chain and remain divided until the emergency alarm goes silent.

As the earth is on repair, outdoor activities must be de-prioritized.

We don’t want our bicycles to become orphans.

Time to deflate the tyres, we shall pump it up again with a cleaner air.


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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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