Get on the saddle and hit the pedal,
Give up your car and feel like a star,
A fitness resolution you must subscribe,
Cycling shall introduce you to new tribes,
Come on, come on… do the dare,
being lazy isn’t fare.

Mom taught you to cycle in your teens,
You enjoyed the beautiful nature scenes,
Reaching adulthood made you bold,
The old bicycle you decided and sold,
A sedentary life ain’t making you happy,
Bring back home a Raleigh, Trek or Huffy,
Come on, come on… don’t hesitate or fear,
This is your moment seize it dear.

Get on the saddle and hit the pedal,
Cycle in the morning, cycle in the dark,
Cycle to a cafe, cycle to the park,
Cycle for a cause, cycle for applause,
Cycle for climate, cycle to increase strava miles,
Cycle every season and wear happy smiles,
Come on get started… your clothing doesn’t matter,
Spandex or cotton, let the townies go on with the chatter.

Villages are drying, children are crying,
Forests on fire, habitats losing homes,
Rising temperatures making cities flood prone,
Melting glaciers leaving vulnerable polar zones.

Act with restrain as future is at risk,
Safeguard the planet, let nature be a healthy gift,
Resources are for them, as much as yours and mine,
Generations deserve to see tomorrows sunshine.

Get on the saddle and hit the pedal,
Cycle in a frock, cycle round the clock,
Cycle with pride or cycle as a bride,
Cycle in heels and spin the wheels,
Cycle as a chic, cycle for fame,
Cycle safe, cycle insane,
Ditch the car and use your brain,
“A Cycoholic mind, you must train”,
Buy a new cycle and shift the gear,
Make a promise and keep it through the year.

Wishing all the readers a Happy New Year filled with great cycling experiences. May you have a glorious time and get rewarded with success in your cycling tours, competitions, commute, fun, leisure cycling and travel endeavors.



Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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